Major Spoilers Podcast #48

This week’s ephemera: Former Captain America Steve Rogers is STILL dead, but at least he’s out of development hell! It’s night in Hyboria… do you know where your children are? And, cyborg versus cyborg in a no-holds barred chair-swinging extravaganza smackdown. Plus: all hell breaks loose, the pulps rise again, Archie’s girlfriend gets a new paint job, and… begun, this clone war has. Or, begun it will have been someday, this after which we are living now, or began, however that sentence did. Hmm.


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Captain America Lands Director

Ratner in Final Negotiations for Conan

By Moody, Ruggles, Barry & Greathouse.
When Veronica Gainsburrow died, all hell broke loose. Literally. Now her undead alter ego is all that stands between the forces of evil and the end of the world. Can she harness her new powers in time to stop this army of darkness? Horror has a Hero—SCARLET VERONICA

art & cover ERIK LARSEN
Spawn! Witchblade! Invincible! ShadowHawk! The Savage Dragon! Together, the world’s greatest heroes unite to face the greatest menace to even threaten this perilous planet! Dragon’s tour of the Image Universe comes to its cataclysmic conclusion in this awe-inspiring epic destined to shake the universe to its very foundation! Not for the squeamish!

KULL #1 Writer: Arvid Nelson
Penciller: Will Conrad
Colorist José Villarrubia
Cover Artist: Andy Brase
More comfortable with a sword than a scepter, Kull has recently crowned himself king and seeks to unite the once-proud and powerful land of Valusia. Only Count Areyas stands between Kull and a reunified kingdom–and the obstinate Count waits patiently in his Iron Fortress, the land’s oldest and most formidable castle. Horrors lurk in the shadows of Kull’s newly won throne, and slithering foes stalk his every move. Arvid Nelson scripts this series, which will adapt Robert E. Howard’s story “The Shadow Kingdom,” with art by Will Conrad and José Villarrubia.

Major Spoilers Poll of the Week
Robot Wars II
A) Dalek
B) Cybermen

Knights of the Old Republic: Commencement
Thousands of years before Luke Skywalker would destroy the Death Star in that fateful battle above Yavin 4, one lone Padawan would become a fugitive hunted by his own Masters, charged with murdering every one of his fellow Jedi-in-training!

From criminals hiding out in the treacherous under-city of the planet Taris, to a burly, mysterious droid recovered from the desolate landscape of a cratered moon, Padawan Zayne Carrick will find unexpected allies in his desperate race to clear his name before the unmerciful authorities enact swift retribution upon him!

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  1. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Some answers to the KOTOR bit –

    1. Regarding the technological progression – that is basically because that’s the way the game went with technology, so the comics had to follow it.

    2. Regarding the pacing – the series was always meant to be an ongoing one, so that would be part of it – they’re on something like #38 now, and the story’s still going on (although it’s gotten much bigger, and incorporates stuff like the Mandalorian Wars now).

    3. Regarding timing. Basically you have the Sith Wars (Tales of the Jedi), then the Mandalorian Wars (in this comics series), then the “Jedi Civil War” (KOTOR games).

    4. About Zayne – he’s meant to be more of an “Everyman” character, and as the series goes on, he develops more and more as a character. He does start off bumbling, but he becomes more and more capable (somewhat mirroring a character from the game actually)

    5. Revan and Malak both are in the series, although this is before either was a Sith (so far).

    6. I think the series is meant to appeal to people who’ve played the game (characters from it pop up here and there, as do jokes and locations – Taris, as mentioned, the Dantooine Enclave, etc.), and people looking for more of the “old-school” Star Wars, which mixes lighthearted fun with the action. Most of the rest of the EU, including the other major Star Wars ongoing comic, Legacy, are more of the ‘grim and gritty’, “realistic” type story.

  2. On Adamantium – I believe the first actual, canonical use of Adamantium was an Ultron story in Avengers…somewhere in the issue 60-80 range of issues.

  3. MarkCalifornia on

    Turn in your geek cards. Kaled=Dalek, the Thals were the Kaled’s enemies. King Kull takes place before Conan…. NERD!!!!!

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