Entertainment Weekly has the first look image of the JJ Abrahms’ Enterprise from the upcoming film.

“If you’re going to do Star Trek there are many things you cannot change. The Enterprise is a visual touchstone for so many people. So if you’re going to do the Enterprise, it better look like the Enterprise, because otherwise, what are you doing?”

I know there are purists out there who are going to poo-poo the look, but for an updated telling of the franchise, considering our current state of technology and style, I think this rendition looks really cool.

via Entertainment Weekly


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  1. While there clear changes from both the original series and the movie version, it’s also clearly recognizable. The layout and proportions seem correct. However, from what I’ve seen on the movie’s web site, I actually wish they’d gone a different way with the uniforms.

  2. I looks EXACTLY THE SAME. I don’t see what the big fuss is about.

    My biggest problem with the movie is that JJ Abrams is going to have the Planet Vulcan Destroyed. That’s a non-starter for me. The Vulcans were my favorite alien race of the Star Trek mythos.

    JJ Abrams has really batted 0% since Alias season 2. “Lost” is garbage. Fringe is practically plagiarism off of X-Files. And now the destruction of Vulcan. F you Abrams

  3. @Cory

    As a lifelong Trek fan I can assure you that it is NOT the same. I’m not going to get into design-specific complaints like I’ve seen over on the Trekkie sights. What they did was retain the look of the Enterprise, combined the looks of TOS and the refit NCC-1701-A as seen in the modern movies (post The Motion Picture).

    When people start complaning about the color of the deflector dish … it has gone too far.

    My primary concern with Abrams’ Trek is if he screws this up and the fans don’t show there will be NO more Trek for a looooooooooong time.

  4. It looks like a cross between a Contitution Class (heavy cruiser, old Enterprise model) and a Sovereign class (dreadnought , current Enterprise model). Looks cool, but it’s the story that’s gonna make or break this movie not the special effects and computer graphics.

    If they start by blowing up Vulcan like Cory said, trekkies will have JJ Abrams sacrificed in a replica of Mount Seleya with the classic “Spock Vs Kirk” duel music in the background…

  5. I love TOS, TNG, and – especially – DS9.

    I consider myself a Trek purist, and account for my love of DS9 as the first “grown up” take on Star Trek. It was idealistic without being naive, and it dealt with contemporary issues that both of its predecessors either did not or would not.

    All that having been said, I have no problem with this take on the Enterprise. I have no problem with a reboot of Star Trek altogether, for that matter. In fact, from what I have read, I wish JJ hadn’t brought Leonard Nimoy on board one last time or used the time travel chestnut to establish what can only be an “alternate” Star Trek time line (assuming that you thrive on soft-core continuity porn which, let’s face it, is what five to ten minutes of time-travel by “old” Spock to a past that never was really is).

    I say “fuck it.” Just reboot the damned series without apology, ala Battlestar Galactica. Purists have the original series on DVD – I know, because I do!

  6. I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a huge Trek fan (sorry, SW all the way for me), but I think this rendition of the Enterprise looks freakin’ awesome.

  7. Cory,

    You’re mistaking change for change’s sake with change for the sake of relevance and vitality.

    TOS stories have all been told; the original cast is dead – literally and in some cases figuratively.

    But the premise, the kernal, the idea of Star Trek is still valid and can live on and be made relevant for a contemporary audience. Not that TOS isn’t still valid in many ways – it is. But BSG and (I would argue) *all* comic books have proven that without change, franchises and characters simply die.

    Get over it.

  8. Cory,

    Say it aint so!!!! You speak heresy about LOST!!! oh whale! to each his own.

    On a side note….I have enjoyed Star Trek since the “Next Generation” , and although the enterprise looks different…it does not look bad “in my humble opinion”.

    I would argue that you that whatever abrahms does you either hate it or love it and thus far I have been loving it….

  9. There are considerable differences between the Enterprise I used to see on Sunday mornings and what we see here, but the basic gist of this image implies that the creators are at least aware of the dedication of the fanbase.

    I’m at least interested in what’s going to happen with this movie, and once again caution you all on making up your minds BEFORE WE ACTUALLY SEE THE F’ING FILM. Our watchword should be caution (and possibly, secondarily, civility.)

  10. @Cory,

    You’re kidding, right? I mean, you’re not really calling me “bitch” over a model of a starship, are you?

    I know this is a site for adult fanboys, myself included, but puh-lease.

    Now run along home before I tell on you and get your mouth washed out with soap.


  11. I’ve been a fan of the Star Trek Universe since i was a kid, and honestly, for a modern re-telling of the story, this version of the Enterprise is pretty cool. Although i wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s powered by Macs lol.

    Just kidding.

    Back on point, it’s has the basic elements of the Enterprise we all know and love, just expounded on is all. And even if this new movie doesn’t quite fit in to canon, so what? It’s a new story! It’s something to enjoy! It’s a new interpretation of a legend we all grew up on! Take it for what it’s worth and have fun with it!

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