The choice was very simple – we saw how the book was running, and we saw what the schedule was ahead of us. The fact that at a point we were waiting for parts of the script from issues #6 and #7, the reality came to be that we were never going to be able to hit our dates. We know hw quickly JG works, and we knew that going in. I feel bad that JG went out there and took the blame like that, because he shouldn’t have. We all went in with our eyes open and knew how the schedule works. Quite honestly, the decision was made quite a while ago that I wanted to hold the schedule and have the book come out in January, but in doing so, I knew that JG would not be the artist.

DC Editor in Chief Dan Didio on replacing JG Jones.

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  1. Regardless of the specific reasons behind the delays, there seems to be a large problem with DC’s editorial team. If they are to continue to be serious competitors with Marvel, they need a shake up, and fast.

  2. Someone at a comic book publisher being fired for not making deadlines!?!?!?!

    I’ve never heard of such a thing

    Although I do read Marvel.

    Ultimate Wolverine/Hulk anyone :)

    Yu’s got Secret Invasion pushed back too

  3. I’ve raised this before and I will do so again…if we’re being asked to pay more than ever for comics (in part to supposedly top notch talent) than our reasonable expectation of all involved..writers, artists, editorial teams…is to ship these freakin books on time. Can someone explain this to me? This didn’t happen when I was kid. Amazing Spider-Man and the Uncanny X-Men came out on time every month. Rifreakingdiculous….

  4. I think the reference to Yu being two weeks late on Secret invasion is not comparable.

    Wasn’t Final Crisis finished like a year ago script-wise? I could have sworn, Morrisson said he had it all written a year ago. Though that could have just been the first issue.

    The main point is, that any creator (whether they be writer, artist, inker, colorist, leterer or editor) should be taken to task for lateness of over 1 month (1 month, because life happens). Seriously, where’s the professionalism?

  5. And let’s not even talk about the lame fill-ins, one-shots, specials, etc. they release in the middle of a delay…

  6. If the comics were “rushed” to ship on time, then we’d have people complaining about the sub-par quality of the 4.00$ pulpies, etc etc etc etc…. You can’t please everybody with any single decision, let’s all try to keep that in mind. I, too, remember the comics of my youth: colors that were outside the lines, letters/words missing from text sometimes, spotty matrix printing, crappily-cut pages of the sort of paper the National Enquirer wouldn’t use to print on… etc etc etc…

    Perspective, people… It goes a long way.

  7. Brother129: “And let’s not even talk about the lame fill-ins, one-shots, specials, etc. they release in the middle of a delay…”

    That’s what really makes me upset about all this. There was this seemingly random PRE-PLANNED break in the series, obviously because DC knew the book would fall behind. And yet, the book is still extremely behind and the man who started the series, then QUICKLY got help, won’t even touch the finale.

    I can’t even find the words to try and explain how little sense DC Editorial makes right now.

  8. Wyntermute: My perspective is fine. I don’t remember all of the printing errors you’re referring. I DO remember the recent issue of All Star Batman & Robin that had to be recalled because of a “printing” error. This issue is infuriating because these delays happen ALL of the time.

  9. I’m of the perspective that it shouldn’t take an artist over a year and a half to do what, 4 full issues of a planned 7 issue LIMITED SERIES!!!

    We kept hearing that the first script was in the can a year before the first issue shipped, how much lead time did Jones need? And if the fault does not fall on Jones, then does it fall on Morrison’s shoulders? Was Morrison unable to complete the plotting/scripting quickly enough to give Jones enough time? Or was it Editorial not doing their job, requiring Didio to go to England to discuss things with Morrison resulting in massive rewrites?

    I have a feeling this has to do with editorial not doing their job.

  10. Well, maybe if Didio didn’t assign Jones so much crap (pencil AND inking duties??) just so Didio could sleep with Mrs. Jones, the maybe we wouldn’t be in this crap situation.

  11. [quote]
    And let’s not even talk about the lame fill-ins, one-shots, specials, etc. they release in the middle of a delay…

    I was going to skip the one shots but I glanced through Submit and then picked it up. I think it actually went well with the latest Final Crisis. It covered Tattoed Man’s mission well and seemed like extra content for the latest Final Crisis left out for those who wanted just the main story.

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