Zuda has really surprised me. For over a year now the web comic offshoot of DC Comics has been running a monthly contest to promote new web comics and their creators.  Instead of closing down, the site is going strong, and has kicked off its November challenge.  Take the jump for the complete rundown of challengers, and visit Zuda Comics to check out the entrants and to vote.

Title: Hijos De P
Writer/Artist: Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante – Temuco, Chile

Summary: In some parts of the world things are more difficult than how they are elsewhere. Ciudad P is one of those places, a suburb where traditions and characteristics of a country meet with crime and corruption, consuming its inhabitants day by day, A place where more than 55,000 souls must constantly strive to avoid falling. Of those 55,000 souls, 6 character’s lives will cross, and try to change a blood and bullets written fate.

Title: Marshall
Writer: Felipe Martinez – Cundinamarca, Columbia
Artist: Andres Barrero

Summary: A double murder, a woman running away with a bag of money, a call asking for help in the middle of the night; these are pieces of the case that the rookie cop, Gwen Marshall, will not want to solve.

Title: Work Is Not In Progress
Writer/Artist: Diego Borriello – Genoa, Italy

Summary: It’s a tough world, especially if you are Todd, a newcomer in the most crazy and unaccountable Mega-Company ever sued for being a “serious and tangible threat to mankind”. Todd will have to fight against demonic and incapable managers, headless budget administrators, skeletal lawyers and all 17 management levels hanging over his head.

Title: Daily Comic
Writer/Artist: Chuck Harrison – Brockport, NY

Summary: A glimpse of the world through the eyes of singer-songwriter Chuck Harrison. Existing as a bunch of one-panel cartoons that open your eyes to the world and put a sick smile on your face.

Title: Rumors Of War
Writer: Justin Jordan – Six Mile Run, PA
Artist: John Bivens

Summary: A soldier dies on the battlefield and finds a new life in a world far stranger than the one he was stolen from. He is pressed into fighting a new war for a chance to find his ticket home.

Title:  Blood Covenant: Revelation
Writer/Artist: Lucky Herman Tjandra – Jawa, Indonesia

Summary: Four vampires known as the Hunters seek revenge on Viktor, the one who killed their king. But Viktor will not go down without a fight. Now the Hunters must face his army with an army of their own.

Title: Screaming Eagles
Writer: Michael San Giacomo – South Amherst, OH
Artist: Alessandro Bragalini

Summary: Apache pilot Screaming Eagle is captured while spying on African warlord Amin, who found an alien spacecraft in the jungle and plans on using the craft for African domination and beyond.

Title: Extracurricular Activites
Writer: Rory McConville – Bishopstown Cork, Ireland
Artist: Federico Zumel

Summary: In St. Francis’ Academy, a dead body has just been found in the vice principal’s office. There are some who care and some who don’t. All that matters is making sure no one finds the body.

Title: Baby Monsters
Writer/Artist: Steve Broome – San Diego, CA

Summary: Shaun and Jeremiah are the first patients to successfully undergo the superhuman creation process known as anthemia. Baby Monsters follow them as their powers grow with the challenges they face.

Title: Planet X
Writer: Trey Causey – Columbia, SC
Artist: Chaz Truog – Minneapolis, MN

Summary: In a 1960s that never was, Dylan Gunn, agent of Directorate: PLANET X, fights the enemies of the free world across a solar system out of pulp fiction dreams.

Zudacomics.com’s visitors will vote for the web comics that they want to see continue on the site. The competition winners will, in turn, receive commissions to create a year’s worth of their web comics for the site.

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