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  1. We don’t get reminded to vote in Australia because we haven’t got a choice in the manner. It’s illegal not to vote and if you don’t the government will fine you.

    So I guess it’s not so much a reminder as a “it is your duty as a citizen to go on election day”

    I find the irony hilarious.

  2. Sorry, I meant matter, not manner. There are many ways to fulfill your obligation.

    Voting: It’s not just a right, it’s the law.

  3. No we have some of the highest voting percentiles worldwide here in Denmark and pretty consistent as well. So its not really an issue thats treated in the media…Comic book or otherwise.
    (85% turnout last time i think)

    But if we didnt im sure you would see all kinds of weird stuff encouraging one to vote.

  4. I’ve not seen any comic book vote gathering attempts in the UK. I was soundly ignored when I emailed Tony Blair prior to the official announcement of the date of the election to push it back 9 days so that I’d be old enough to vote though which has put me off the whole voting thing forever.

  5. in our last provincial election a few weeks ago, only a bit more than 50% of the voting population did it. it’s almost funny. to be fair, our politicians all act like monkeys flinging poo at each other.

    and after that people ask why we don’t get what we want

  6. To be honest, New Zealand just rides on the coat tails of most of the mainstream American comic books. Our local comic heroes are either too anti-heroic or are so far underground that you need a shovel, a strong back and a free afternoon to look for them (that said if you get a chance to read Blastosaurus, then do).

    So, no.

  7. I am James Smith Encourage all USA citizens to vote and pray that our country will be a in a better state
    cause somehow America is connceted to the entire world. And We Definately need a Change for the better.

    Please take the time and meditate on your decisions, and if you never voted before , please do it now

    your decision in voting is a small step to bmaking a bigger difference in our world
    Please take me serious

    We need change

    and make this world a better place

    Thank you
    James Smith

  8. I always wonder. Do people who call on everyone to vote just mean everyone should vote for their candidate, or do they mean by default please everyone vote for Obama (we desperately need the votes)?

  9. Well Randall that depends if they are saying vote or vote for candidate X. And why would Obama be the default he is the poll leader O_o

    OH and -Desperately-…. No offense man but thats like some weird doublethink ya got going there.

  10. Well I don’t know exactly how well Obama is doing, though I read he is the favourite.

    From what I’ve seen though, mostly celebrities and such are calling on the people to use their right to vote. Only, and this might be my cynicism, there seems to be this sort of underlying call that yes it is everyone’s right to add their voice to the process however there’s a sort of hint that if you are going to vote, vote for Obama. I said desperately because if Obama is doing so well why do people like James Smith there still call on people to vote (with the accompanying subtext of vote Obama) unless they’re worried they haven’t got enough votes coming. It always seems to be left wing celebrities calling on the people. Granted I’m not American and don’t really search out coverage but I haven’t seen a lot of Republican supporters calling on people to make a difference. It might just be this left wing media I’ve heard of only following Obama.

    “And We Definately need a Change for the better”

    Well surely whichever side wins it will be a change in administration. So that leads me to believe he really means “vote for Obama, because McCain is just the same old thing”. He’s calling for change. So as I said it’s not just a call on people to participate but also to support his side. I’ll find it hilarious if all the people persuaded to vote then vote for McCain. It’ll be like “no you got it wrong. Yes we wanted you to participate, but we meant vote for Obama”

    Anyway, as for doublethink, well I’m not offended. I have long been aware I have the habit of considering what might be two opposing viewpoints to be connected. :)

    I’m just a bit slow as it happens and don’t pick up subtext much. I was just querying what was happening.

  11. oh wait I think I just got it. Sorry, my mistake with my first post. I was querying if he meant “vote for whichever party you want, but most importantly vote” or “It is important that you vote. Hint: vote for Obama”

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