This came as a surprise, when the Hollywood Reporter announced 2007 Pulitzer prize winner David Lindsay-Abaire is in final negotiations to pen the fourth Spider-Man movie.  Or maybe it isn’t…

Columbia always has gone off the beaten path during the development process when hiring writers for the “Spider-Man” movies. Alvin Sargent, a veteran scribe best known for 1973’s “Paper Moon” and 1980’s “Ordinary People,” served as a writer on the second and third films. Michael Chabon, another Pulitzer winner, also worked on “Spider-Man 2.”

With the hiring of Lindsay-Abaire, hopefully Marvel and Columbia will focus more on character development than dance numbers.  Also, it will be refreshing to not have Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane.

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  1. Kirsten Dunst “in” for Spider-Man 4
    September 29, 2008

    The recent revelation that Sony Pictures is looking to shoot Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Man 5 at the same time didn’t reveal whether Kirsten Dunst would rejoin director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire for the films.

    Now, Dunst has told MTV that she’ll be back as Mary Jane Watson:

    “I’m in,” said the actress matter of factly. However, when pressed to make the announcement official, Dunst quickly changed her tone, and rather cryptically added, “I’m not saying anything, I know there’s rumors…”

    The studio is targeting a May 2011 release for the fourth pic.

  2. I think Spider-Man is dead as a franchise. The 3rd movie was so awful that it consumed all the good will that the first two movies generated. The experience of this new screenwriter does not inspire confidence. It seems that they’re turning Spider-Man 4 into “Sex in the City”.

    The other problems facing Spider-Man
    1. Kirsten Dumpst – I DON’T LIKE HER. And to make matters worse Spider-Man 3 intentionally made her absolutely insufferable. They should fire her. She does not possess Super-model good-looks. She’s very ordinary.

    2. TobyMaguire. Is a very bad actor whose bad-acting was put into bold-relief in Spider-Man 3; Jazz-Hands anyone? HAHAHAHAHA. On top of that he has a Pilsbury-Dough-Boy physique – hardly appropriate for a superhero. I stopped counting how many chins he has. I mean when Kirsten Dumpst has a better physique than the actor playing Spider-Man then you know your in trouble.

    3. Destroying Venom for the rest of the franchise duration. Spider-Man 3 destroyed many things but the making of Venom unusable was the last straw.

  3. Apparently I am alone in this, but I have liked all 3 movies. I didn’t think they got better with each movie, but there aren’t many series that do.

    All I can say is if people consider Toby Maguire to have a “Pilsbury-Dough-Boy physique” then I must be a huge tub of lard at 6′-2″ 200 pounds.

    I will pay to see Spider-man 4 and 5, but I do hope they start exploring more character development.

  4. I guess Cory won’t be going with me to see Spider-Man IV.

    They’ve done a pretty decent job with the films so far, and I don’t expect them to fumble now.

    I’ll wager that Lizard, Vulture, and Kraven show up in 4, and 5 will be a Sinister Six/ Black Cat film.

  5. @Cory

    That’s kinda what people said about the first Hulk movie. Now that marvel is in charge of the production of their movies, it’s obvious that their influence has made the quality of the films jump.

    And Maguire has a great physique for spider-man. Did you even see the first movie where he sees himself in the mirror for the first time?

    And how can one movie being bad take away from the other two good movies? That’s like saying that the star wars prequels destroyed anything that was good about the original star wars.

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