David Tennant has announced he is stepping down from the role of Doctor Who on the popular BBC (and BBC America) series.

Three years was “about the right time” to play the role, he told the BBC in an exclusive interview.

“I think it’s better to go when there’s a chance that people might miss you, rather than to hang around and outstay your welcome,” he said.

No word on who the new Doctor will be, but let’s hope the creators hire someone who can be around for a few years as the Gallifrian can only regenerate three more times.

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  1. It is nice to see that he is acting on the sage advice of the second Doctor Patrick Troughton who suggested to every doctor that followed him(only do this job for three years[Paraphrase] ). His reasoning was partially the same as David Tennatnts, but also to avoid typecasting in the future. Just look at Christopher Reeve, George Reeves, Mark Hammill & Steve Blychek, They all had difficulty getting out of the shadow of their former roles.
    Would it be sacreligious to have an American Doctor?

  2. While I respect this, I wish Tennant had come forward sooner, so rather than lose a year for his Stage acting. I know their was more to Doctor Who taking a year off than that but my understanding Tennant stage acting did play a large role. I also wonder if this will play a role in the Patrick Stewart coming to Doctor Who since the original rumor said that Steward friendship with Tennant was part of the reason he Steward was going to guess star. As for only 3 regeneration left I can think of at least 2 or 3 ways to work around that.

  3. easy way to get around the 3 regenerations left thing is bring back Jennie from “The Doctor’s Daughter” for obvious reasons

  4. The New Doctor on

    You mean three regenerations including Tennant’s impending one, I imagine… I’m with Matt on this. There’s ways around it IF the show makes it to the final incarnation and still has legs, a way will be devised to give him either “one more” or a fresh set of regenerations.

  5. Oh no…I love Tennant…
    I mean, yes Baker is brilliant, but Tennant is the right Doctor for me, ’cause it’s my time etc…and yeah Eccleston was good, but not as brilliant as Tennant…that’s sad…

  6. And that will mean probably mean no Riversong….-.-

    ans teh regenerations…Am I wrong or was the Master able to get a new circle of regenerartions during the 80s??

  7. The Master actually started killing people to steal their bodies in the 80’s.

    So, it’s not without precedent, but all the references to it that I’ve seen say that (badk in the day, anyway) exceeding your cycle of regenerations is possible, it’s just difficult and usually evil.

  8. Two more regenerations. A full blown one happened in Journey’s End, it was just shunted into The Hand.

    That really shouldn’t count. :)

    Also important to note: What if the 12 life limit wasn’t an inherent limitation, but an imposed limitation that the Time Lords voluntarily undertook? Since the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, he may not be held to that limitation any longer.

    Something to think about, hmmm?

  9. You are missing the point. The limit of regenerations was set by Timelord society. They had the power to break those rules. Now the Doctor is the last of the Timelords. And for those long time Doctor Who fans, they know he may have long ago passed 12 regenerations if rumors and hints are to be believed about just who the doctor might truly be….

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