It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for; the finalists for the Major Spoilers 2nd Annual Costume Contest.  Major Spoilers own Rodrigo and Stephen analyzed the entries, and by the end of the day, discovered they were tied on several entrants.  Instead of five finalists, Major Spoilers is cranking the number up to seven.  Seven awesome costumes for you to vote on.


Take the jump to see the finalists.

The finalists are in no particular order, (except maybe alphabetically) and we’ve also provided multiple photos of the costumes for you to get a better view.  Don’t forget to click the thumbnail for the larger size.

Aphrodite IX






Black Adam



Ms. Marvel



Poison Ivy



The Punisher



Two Face


We were really blown away by all the entrants, but at the end of the day found these to be the most interesting, the greatest attention to detail, fantastic poses, and so on.

Now it’s your turn.  Use the poll below, or on the right and vote for your favorite.  On the November 4th Major Spoilers Podcast, we’ll announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest, and reveal the real person behind the costume right here on the site.


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  1. Im voting for the soulless one..The lawyer that is.

    Kickass character, kickass costume, halloween-esq, classic yet appropriate for this year, awesome amount of details and kickass facial expression to go with it.

    Besides thats what i would have worn.

  2. how could you not vote for Aphrodite IX. She captures the character the best out of all of them! have you guys even read Aphrodite IX? i mean honestly, thats here right there!

  3. Wow, all of these are amazing entries……I’m torn, I think if I knew who Aphrodite IX was then I would vote for her, it seems like a lot of work went in to replicating comic covers in her poses. Bizzarro is great….how long did it take to do that 2 face make up…wow……and a lot of very pretty readers…….did i just type that out loud………

  4. herm. trying to vote for meer’s incomparable bizarro — yet each time i hit vote is says “please choose a valid poll answer”….
    maybe if it were comparable then it’d be valid.

  5. Well Done Everyone!!

    This was a tough choice but Two face gets my vote this time!!!

    (Just saw how close it is 28% Bizzaro, 27% Two Face – Looks like this is going down to the wire…)


  6. Is the poll closed? I can’t find where I get to vote, and I’ve even cleared my cookies in case I had one kickin’ around and gumming up the works.


  7. # Andy Greatrix Says:
    October 28th, 2008 at 8:33 am

    Mark Meer could play a telephone book convincingly. He’s amazing and hilariously funny, when he wants to be, as well. I would like to see him play Bizzarro live.

    andy ive been lucky enough to have been on STAGE with mark.. and yes his Bazzarro is just drop dead amazing captures the essance of him.. and spot on the phonebook comment. i beleave mark has the tallent to do any role thrown at him.

  8. oh come on people. Bizarro for the win.
    hands down.
    i think it also helps that I’ve seen Mark as Bizarro, and his character is dead on.
    but even without seeing him become Bizarro, the costume still stands as the best out of all of them.

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