John Romita Sr. Covers Devil #1



Dynamite Entertainment has announced it will release a chase cover to The Death Defying Devil #1 by John Romita Sr.

Admired by generations of comic books fans and creators alike, John Romita Sr. is best known for his legendary work on Marvel Comics’ Daredevil and The Amazing Spider-Man from the late 1960′s to early 1970′s. In the 1970′s he served as Marvel Comics’ art director, where he had a major role in defining the look of Marvel Comics and in designing new characters such as Punisher and Wolverine. In 2002 John Romita Sr. was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame. John Romita Sr’s cover for The Death Defying ‘Devil #1 continues Dynamite’s exciting presentation of Project Superpowers expanded universe chase covers by legendary talent; also available is the new Black Terror series with chase covers by George Tuska and John Romita, Sr.

This is a 1 in 15 cover, so you better hope your local comic shop orders plenty for you to get this one.

Take the jump to see the full Romita cover, plus covers by Alex Ross and John Cassaday.




via Dynamite Entertainment