There’s lots of discussion going around that the Incredible Hulk might be the big bad the Avengers must go up against in the Avengers moving currently in pre-production. Sounds an awful lot like the first Ultimates, but seeing how Nick Fury is Sam-Mutha-F’in-Jackson in Iron Man, it seems like a given the Avengers movie is heading toward Ultimates territory.

If you have some concerns about Hulk taking on everyone, check out this trailer for Hulk vs. Thor an animated direct to DVD feature arriving in January 2009.

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  1. Eh….I dont know….I think I would much rather have a REAL villain for the Avengers to fight. Someone really evil that the audience does not feel sorry for.

    Thanos? maybe I dont know…just someone who is completely evil….like Carnage….or how in the New Avengers where there was a bunch of venoms running around….that would be awesome!

    but I dont know…

  2. I like the idea of it being Hulk, powerful enough, “historically accurate”, and a lot more interesting than OMG evil dude that wants to destroy the universe…
    Granted this kind of Hulk on a rampage movie might be about as sophisticated (Unless they go all, but its not his fault…which gets old quick) as a Godzilla movie…So maybe there is a clever villain pulling the string that makes the Hulk go Hulk… Doom (If they could use him) Leader (sorta sucks) or maybe Red Skull (Not really his style though)…

    Okay so heres the question:
    They need a badass mastermind to fight as well, even if its a Hulk Smash movie, agreed on that point! But who?

  3. Well the whole “someone else is pulling the strings” its been done and all in various comics and movies time and time again…where the heroes fight the bad guy who turns out to be the good guy later on and have to join forces to take down the real bad guy.

    I do not mind a re-imagining to much of a story…I dont think that the people who make a movie of our beloved comic books have to always go by their source material, because if that were the case then why even make it into a movie just read the comic book! But as I stated before in one of my earlier post I am a hypocrite….sometimes I dont want “MY” characters re-imagined.

    I would love for a real fresh take and a real clever evil villain as you said. But who? you are right…..

  4. God the symbiote arc in the New/Mighty Avengers was utterly horrible and is in addition to the dumbass skrull arc why I stopped reading New Avengers. Thor can take the Hulk, especially if his home is in danger and his buddies are there to help. How the fuck did Hulk find Asgard you ask? Idk…. Hulk fight in the Ultimates comic was the best fight ever (naked hulk jumps on Giantman’s throat and chokes him *priceless*), but the Hulk in that fight could never be construed as their first villain. He was just a problem they had to deal with.

  5. complete Rubbish ive seen it the y had the hulk mercilessly pummel thor like a bad husband beating his wife…. 25 blows unreplied he beat thor like a school girl i have been reading comics for 20 yrs and have every hulk thor match and it can go either way. This was a mockery there was no rivalry here hulk hit thor 30 times thor hit him 5 you do the math what kind of rivalry is that. thor the god of thunder was afraid of hulk…
    my advice DONT BUY IT!!!

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