Because I can’t leave it be – Conan/Swamp Thing ’08


Gotta squeeze this one in, just to upset those of you who think politics and comics shouldn’t mix.  It’s all in good fun.


It’s just a bit of fun, really, but I get a real kick out of imagining what a Conan/Swamp Thing administration would be like.  I figure national security wouldn’t be a problem (who’d wanna mess with an axe wielding barbarian?) and environmental issues would definitely take center stage.  Hell, even the current financial mess in the US would probably benefit — you could imagine President Conan meeting with Wall Street heads and scowling, “Crom!  You’re all thieves!  You should all be strung up by your fat necks!“.

And if your are interested in politics in comics, you should really check out our recent Major Spoilers podcast where we discussed these issues in depth.

via Michael Cho’s Sketchbook via Blog@Newsarama