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  1. If they made an X-Force movie right now Dakota Fanning would make an excellent Lalya Miller.

    The premise for jumper was awesome but “in my opinion” the movie was sucky (4 out of 10). The trailer wasnt bad….it looks pretty well filmed and the super-powers looks neat…makes me wish they wouldve done x-men this way.

    However in a market that is already saturated with comic and comic influenced movies I believe this movie will be easily forgettable. But then again I could be wrong like I was with Iron Man.

    Nonetheless….Deadpool will be in the Wolverine movie so I am somewhat excited to see that and cant wait till you throw a preview of that on this site!!!

  2. wouhou, deadpool

    anyway, i think push look like a pale copy of heroes and x-men. only tackier with cheezier line. and even the main actor is worse than the worse actor in heroes. i can feel the lack of good directing and bad one-liner.

    maybe a dvd rental… maybe

  3. Besides Layla Milleresque vibe of that girl, nothing really got me here. I mean, it’s like we’ve seen that quite a bit recently. People with extraordinary powers, check. Evil governmental organizations, check. I’m definitely not saying that it will be a bad movie, but it simply came too late to grab your attention just basing on it’s premise. Still might be fun, but I can’t see myself paying for the ticket unless I would really want to go to the movie theater and there would be nothing worthwhile at the moment.

  4. Nothing special but it looks like fun….more fun with jumper, which was a Fantastuc Four like disappointment….and finally one film where I like Dakota (who was annoying in Taken, Hide and Seek, War of the Worlds, the one with Kevin Bacon, signs….man she has annoyed me in every film she has made…)

  5. “I haven’t even gotten to the bad part yet” – Dakota Fanning’s character

    Really? Well, in that case you better make this a Direct-to-DVD release.

    Hmm. It seems like Chris Evans’ and Dakota Fanning’s careers are circling the Black Hole.

  6. I’m really tired of the same story… over… over and over… and over…

    I’ve given up on Heroes, Fringe never got me, and this looks like a joke because it’s so blatantly a retread!

  7. Wouldn’t it be a treat to see a governmental organization presented with no sinister agenda and just dedicated to the public good and safety and welfare of people in need? I recall how the military was the bogeyman almost my entire life until Stargate bucked that trend and how refreshing it was to see good, honest people portrayed as military types.

  8. Baal: In Stargate the movie, the objective was to figure out if the gate had military purposes, and if they met hostiles to nuke it from the other side… but for the rest of your argument, yes, I would agree with you.

  9. I will see this movie, but just for the enjoyment of seeing superpower fights.

    Also, on a personal gripe, can we have few more costumed heroes in movies? I’m getting sick of seeing people in black suits and Matrix-ware clothes. Yeah. Yeah. I know about the whole ‘costumes are goofy’ argument, but I would think that if you avoided bright colors it would be okay.

  10. The trailer looks ok….but I fear that it will end up being one of those movies where the trailer is the only part that’s ok, and everything else will be garbage. If they added a guy with claws and someone who can shoot fricking lasers out of their eyes, it could be a real hit. I wonder why no one’s ever thought of that before…

    BPRD was part of the FBI in the movies (I think), I’m not sure what its government affiliation is in the comics.

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