Everyone’s favorite non-skrull female wall crawler is getting canceled.  Writer Tom DeFalco confirmed Amazing Spider-Girl will end with issue #30, currently scheduled for March 2009.

Wrote DeFalco, “To those who predicted that Spider-Girl would never last, you were right. (You were off by a little over 11 years, but you were right.)”

It is unclear where Spider-Girl will appear next, but apparently discussions are taking place to move Spider-Girl to the Amazing Spider-Man Family line.

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  1. Honestly, I’m really surprised it went on this long. Especially since the rest of M2 (is that what it was called?) crashed and burned so quickly. Then again, wasn’t Spiderman 2099 the sole survivor of THAT line for a long time?

    people love their spiderpeople, I guess

  2. All of the 2099 line (Spider-Man, Doom, X-Men, X-Nation and Fantastic Four) folded into one title, 2099: World of Tomorrow, which lasted 12 (maybe only 10) issues before being put to bed in a one-shot, 2099: Manifest Destiny.

    It’s unfortunate that Spider-Girl’s title is ending. I think it would do much better as a serialized graphic novel (ala most manga) instead of monthly comics.

  3. For my money and the last couple of years, it was actually an entertaining read for those of us that were into a “normal” Spider-Man world. DeFalco and Frenz did a great job of capturing that 80s nostalgia when they were on Amazing Spider-Man together.

  4. I’ve been buying comic books for well over 25 years and have enjoyed a variety of styles. What is currently being written and drawn in Amazing Spider-Girl has breathed new life into collecting comics. The book is fun, serious, and just great to read. Amazing Spider-Girl takes me back to when comics were comics. Hope this one stays around.

  5. Why is Spidergirl being cancelled! Is it because of sales but, the economy is not doing so good! An I don’t think the book should be cancel because this version of the spiderman family is like telling of spiderman in life! When he got started being a superhero back when he was younger! An I was a young kid myself reading about him! Is there anyway the Spidergirl comic book can be saved!

  6. I am really PISSED OFF !!! I DON’T WON’T THE SERIES TO END!!! I really enjoid the series of Amazing Spider Girl. It’s so sad that it is ending. I love the series and the art I finally find a comic book that I super loved and felt I could fully enjoy and connect to and now it’s end that is so Wrong and SCREWED UP! What am I going to do just go back to Spider-man Comics “YAWN!” The Movies Ruined that experiance for me. I never did like the actor who played Spider-MAn he is not like the Spider Man I Know, Funny and always seeing the silver lining to every cloud. HollyWood Ruins EVERYTHING GOOD! HOLLYWOOD IS HELLON EARTH, (satans own privat domane)! How can We Save the Spider Girl Comics? There are so good few Women Comic heroes And Few are Teenagers, What Can We Do???

  7. I agree with every word from Jeanette M. I’ve collected comics since 1991, and I’ve got a pretty good run of books in my collection with some great silver age and modern day stories. However, I only have ONE title with all the issues in order. SPIDERGIRL!!! I love the storyline. Sure, theres not any issues that could stand the test of time with Spideys Amazing #129 title of Punishers 1st appearance, or #5o with the introduction of Kingpin, or even the whole Spider clone story. How about the introduction to Venom and all the stories thats been related to em? Sure, maybe May isn’t the same as her father in an original story, but Marvel should listen to what its fans want. After all…we’re the ones who buy the books. Hey Joe Quisada…leave her alone!!! Isn’t it bad enough you jackass’s charge 3 and 4 dollars for a dam comic book? If you read this Jeanette…please e mail me if you find any sorta forum where theres an on line petition to save the character. I’m sure its too late by now though. I just bought the last issue #30, and the cover reads, “The End…For Now.” Its as if she might reappear in another title or somethin. Oh well…so so sorry.

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