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  1. Lifeisaglitch on

    Real World

    Brad Pitt beats Damon for me, why?

    Well he is older for one thing, yeah i know he has to play a young recrut/artist dude…BUT you have to remember that he through the Avengers movie has to boss around Norton, Downey (Older dudes) and whomever, and Damon really doesnt really look as intelligent or as much of an authority as Pitt..Besides Pitt looks much more like Cap already. Im also saying Pitt as to in my mind keep him from being Thor…he would do a horrible Thor,(well no horrible but below what could be achieved)
    as i already said they need a big (preferibly Scandinavian) outsider of sorts to play Thor IMHO.

    In my dreams

    He was born for the part and already played it to perfection in Firefly–The man is cap, looks cap, radiates cap and sounds cap. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH!

    Unfortunately though i live in the realworld, and thats what i vote by :(

  2. Gooooooooooooooooo Titan!!! (Heh. I was honestly stunned to see Mike O’Hearn on this list. Possibly the only time he’ll ever be mentioned with DiCrappio and Matt Dumbhead.)

  3. I voted Nathan Fillion. Not because I’m a fan or anything but what I did know of him was that he is Canadian. A Canadian as Captain America. I find that hilarious.

  4. It’s matt all the way for me. I’ve always considered Steve Rogers/Captain america to be two seperate kinds of people and an actor needs to be able to play both. Steve Rogers is supposed to be this slightly naive and kind of weak patriotic young guy who gets infused with the power of the super soildier serum in order to do uncle sams bidding. In the earlier avengers stories (not to mention the ultimates) Steve has some trouble readjusting to the “new world” that he wakes up to after being frozen, I think matt could play the “naive/idealistic guy in a complicated world” quite well…and brad pitt is too macho for the role, would work great as thor though…

  5. I am really surprised that Thomas Jane isn’t higher on the list. Cap is just so iconic, that I’d prefer to not to have such a famous actor play him. I don’t want to look at Cap and think, “hey, there’s Matt Damon.” And frankly, I think Jane looks the part more than anyone on the list too. Nathan Fillion just lacks a certain Cap quality that I just can’t put my finger on right now.

  6. Lifeisaglitch on

    McConaughey would have loved to land the role of Bruce Banner, all of that shirt tearing…
    There is something decidedly wrong with that man though.

  7. Matt Damon?
    Anyone else watch Team America?
    I haven’t been able to look at Matt Damon without yelling his name and cracking up ever since that movie…

  8. I vote Daniel Craig. I have since I left the theater after Casino Royale. I don’t care where he’s from he can cover his accent, he has the acting chops, looks and the physical presence. Plus he could help out selling tickets to Europe. If that’s a real concern.

  9. Eddie Sheridan on

    At the risk of being flamed off this site, I will say that I thought McConaughey would have been fine for the role. I think people get his personal life/airhead roles confused with his actual acting ability. I mean, if you look back at “A Time To Kill” or “U-571”, he certainly didn’t embarass himself. And he’s obviously fit enough for the physical demands of the role. He’s definitely a hell of a lot better choice than John Cena, whose name I keep seeing on message boards everywhere. Out of this list, though, I’m voting for Thomas Jane, even though he already did the Punisher thing. And, for the record, I don’t even know the the hell Nathan Fillion is.

  10. I am sooo against Matt Damon getting the role, since I have heard rumors he could be in that Green Arrow Prison movie.

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