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  1. Is it just me or has Ultimate 3 sucked royal nardz? Maduiera’s art is too stylistic for its own good and really derailed the goodness from the Millar/Hitch run. But this … I’m pumped for.

  2. I have to guess that a title cancelled would just mean “relaunched #1”
    Fantastic Four… becoming Five? Six? Force? Probably not.
    Ultimate Spider-Man… becoming Ultimate Spider-Men? Ultimate Venom? Nah.
    Ultimate X-men… becoming Ultimate X-Factor (I am guessing mutants hated and feared post-Ultimatum)? I would say this is the most likely.

    Still waiting on a Ultimate Power Pack being written as children whose parents are “Sons of Anarchy” bikers

  3. bendis said the change in US-M will be the supporting cast.

    Me? I’m hoping that the intolerably boring UX-M gets the axe. I think UF4 could be saved if the perma-swapped the powers around.

  4. Last I heard from Marvel on the interweb was that they’d be having 4 monthly regular series for the Ultimate Universe and a variety of mini series, the only of the 4 pillars of the universe titles confirmed that I’ve heard of was Millar’s avengers, and Ultimate spidey. Hopefully considering the quality of Ultimates 3 and what seems to be happening on Hulk Loeb’s next Ultimates title will just be a mini series rather than a pillar.

    X-men and FF are up in the air though for post Ultimatum.

  5. Then I hope he’s busy and can’t fit it in. Selling isn’t the only factor this is meant to be an modern, inventive and intriguing re-imagining of the Marvel Universe of which Loeb has offered very little inventiveness, intrigue or even re-imaginifying what with Thor knocking back old school seemingly and his hammer reverting back to what it was.

    The only thing good is that he killed off Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch whom he ruined by his incapability to be subtle or deft with his writing.

  6. I was fairly late at catching on to the Ultimate -U, yet love what I’ve read so far, with The Ultimates 1 + 2 and all the USM trades and I still have Ultimate Team Ups to read.

    This. This looks awesome, shake it up and go nuts.

  7. Magneto trounces thor? NO REALLY?! It’s hard for me to accept how weak they made the norse GOD the ultimate universe. And who out of all the villains they have herald this “momentious” event bleeding I can bend spoons magneto. Green goblin is bigger threat than him! Aunt may would wipe the floor with him! *takes a deep breath* Ok, i’m better now.

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