DC has announced that the current run of the Legion of Super-Heroes will come to an end with issue #50.

“We’re going to bring a close to the Legion of Super-Heroes now,” said DC Senior VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio. “There’s a lot going on with the characters. I thought that [writer]Jim [Shooter] and [artist]Francis [Manapul] have done a terrific job with the series, and ’50’ seemed like a really nice number to bring this series to a conclusion.”

According to Dan DiDio, the Legion won’t be going away – especially after the events of Legion of Three Worlds – the company is just giving the characters a rest until something definitive can be decided.  But don’t think that Geoff Johns will be taking over the writing duties, Newsarama reports that Johns is just too busy writing every other title in the DC Universe to take on another project.

I’m telling you, something strange is afoot at DC Comics.  First Minx, now LoSH, and I’m betting Jonah Hex, and Blue Beetle are soon to follow.  I can understand low sales causing a title to be canceled, but Legion was ranked in the Top 100 titles for August 2008.

What version of the Legion of Super-Heroes would you like to see resurrected when DC finally decides to reboot the Legion… again?

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  1. I totally agree. I guess I’m just a Legion newbie, but with the Legion’s insanely complex backstory, I felt like the most recent reboot made sense and had some great character moments.

    As for other titles getting the ax, if Didio touches my Blue Beetle, he better watch his back!

  2. DiDio, from what I’m hearing at my LCS and some folks on CBR, is not enjoying universal support. This reboot was what got me into the Legion of Super-Heroes; I’ll be angry if the 4th reboot fails somehow.


  3. the Legion has to be reevaluated to get it in line with the rest of the changes in the DC universe. The best legion was from old and not all the new fangled names and crap that happened with the 3rd reboot. The Legion coudl have been like the Justice League or Justice Society and continued forever, but Zero hour was the worst thing that ever happened. Let’s just forget zero Hour ever happened and return to the glory days of the old Legion characters and if they want to keep the story lines fine. The old Legion characters were fine and will always be the best.

  4. I concur with Dr. Pants…. If he touches the Beetle (despite the sometimes-sketchy art, i LURVE THIS TITLE), I think we might have to take drastic action. Will you be available for planning sessions, o good Dr.?

    To keep this on topic, I think i’d be okay with any legion except the Five Year Gap one. I dig the concept, but it comes back to so-so art for me. I don’t expect any and all books to be vibrant and mangalicious or anything, but some of the F.Y.G. stuff looks like a toddler got hold of it and scribbled over the finished product with pencil….. Just my 0.20$ (inflation, y’know..)

  5. I’d like to see a Legion composed of all three existing Legions piled together.

    I don’t mean that they merge all the Lightning Lads together and all the Chameleons together and like that.

    I don’t mean that they pick one Lightning Lad and one Chameleon and like that.

    I mean, pile ’em all together. Have a Legion of about seventy-five people. Does that give us three Ultra Boys in the same Legion? Okay, maybe it does. There are ways of coping with that. And it’s better than any other solution I can think of.

  6. I’m partial to the old Legion (of Great Darkness saga days), which I suppose is the same one the recently featured in Action Comics. Looks like they’re the centerpiece of the Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds anyway. Forget reboots and continue w/ them…Dawnstar, etc. And bring back Laurel Kent in the black outfit.

  7. >”‘50′ seemed like a really nice number to bring this series to a conclusion.”

    Does that sound just as stupid a statement to you as it does to me?

    The man should run for president.

  8. I’ve been collecting the current run since the beginning. It’ll be a shame it’s ending, but I never got the feeling it was going anywhere. It started off with the adults resenting a bunch of super kids runnign around and last issue they were still resenting them. Threatening to arrest them until management boy joined the Legion.

    and what, the audience asks will happen now Saturn Girl is cheating on Lightning Lad with Ultra Boy? It’s turning into a teen drama.

    What is wrong with that picture at the top? It looks like they’ve been sniffing Joker venom. Especially Saturn Girl.

  9. As long as they kill Blok off in the dumbest way possible (maybe a piano dropped on his which I know wont make sense unless it is from a 5th dimension imp) I will be happy with just about any Legion.

  10. Meh, it figures. I guess they’ll wait for fan input to see which Legion the most people want to see come back – in which case it will assuredly be the neo-classic Legion.

    I think the best bet for the other two Legions is that we’ll get the occasional JLA/JSA style teamups featuring the two rebooted Legions.

    All of this will be a terrible shame, too, because the WAKRP Legion has a lot of room to grow and develop despite a few kinks in the concept.

  11. I never thought I’d say this but I have never been more relieved. This has been such a trainwreck.

    Honestly? – what killed it was the cartoon. The kids saw the bright’n’shiny characters of the cartoon, got hooked, came over to the comic and went “WTF?!?” and dropped it like a hot potato. It wasn’t just the oldbies saying “OH YEAH!” to the “I can’t believe it’s not Paul Levitz” Legion in Action Comics, believe me — a lot of the new fans saw the similarities to the cartoon’s personalities and felt much more comfortable. “Dark” isn’t always where it’s at.

  12. Eh…that may be true to a certain extent; but I don’t think that is a main cause. If the cartoon fans had that much pull they wouldn’t be offing the cartoon book.

  13. Aw man, I know sales are low, but Jonah Hex is fantastic. I think its sales in Europe are (expectedly) pretty good, so I hope that will be enough to make it last a while.

    Anyway, didn’t we all expect the current Legion series to end soon, given the changes afoot in (the terrific) Action and the current miniseries?

  14. Is Saturn Girl married to Lightning Lad in this version? She’s becoming quite the slut, isn’t she? Then she should definitely be wearing the pink bikini of Grell/Cockrum days. That being said, bring back the Grell/Levitz Legion….and make them look the same as they did then, so you can tell who’s who out of costume.

  15. I feel like I’m one of the few people so sad to see this happening, heh.

    What I don’t get is why they’re making Shooter cram his story down for the last book. He said in another article that he’d been planning for it to be 54 issues. I know 50 is a solid number and all, but come on. I’d rather have it end on a weird issue number then have four issues cut down and crammed into a last one [even if he says that it will have more pages then most].

    To answer your question, I liked both Reboot and Threeboot.

    While I’d love to see Reboot revived, there are aspects of Threeboot that I’d be so sad to see gone. Mostly in the form of character quirks. (I especially adore the current Legion’s Invisible Kid for his much more timid personality, it’s refreshing.)

    Merging the characters is a possibility, especially with Legion of Three Worlds. But they’re have to be careful about the new “merged” character designs.

    Ray- Garth and Imra are not married in this version. She’s being a teenager. Sadly, teens do that to one another all the time. (I was disappointed in her as well, though.)

  16. Neo-classic Legion = Action Legion/Lightning Saga Legion. I prefer the more generalized term to the other, storyline-dependent nicknames.

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