Baltimore Comic-Con Announces Show Exclusives



This weekend at the Baltimore Comic-Con, attendees can get their hands on some very cool exclusives from Aspen, Marvel, PopFun, Top Cow and 3 Finger Prints.

  • Aspen – Michael Turner variant cover for Fathom #2.
  • Marvel
    • Frank Cho Secret Invasion #6 variant cover
    • Mike Wieringo HERO Initiative:  Marvel Apes cover
    • John Romita, Jr. U.S. Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man #568 variant cover
  • PopFun – Exclusive Batman Toon Tumbler
  • Top Cow – David Finch Dragon Prince #1 Baltimore Comic-Con variant cover
  • 3 Finger Prints – The 3 Geeks:  Can Anyone Stop the Slab Madness?! variant cover


via Baltimore Comic-Con