Dynamite Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in December 2008.

AOD17CovPreviousArt.jpgARMY OF DARKNESS #17
James Kuhoric, Mike Raicht (W) Scott Cohn (A)
Cover: Stjepan Sejic

Ash faces his most deadly challenge yet as he faces a mountainside possessed by the power of the Necronomicon in the thrilling conclusion to “Hellbillies and Deadnecks”

Written by Mike Raicht with James Kuhoric and featuring the art of Scott Cohn (all under a Stjepan Sejic cover!)

James Kuhoric (W) Dave Simons (A)
Cover: Dave Simons, Nick Bradshaw

Everyone loves the holidays, right?  Wrong!  If you’ve ever worked S-Mart retail in December, you know it’s a special hell filled with something even worse than Deadites…dumbass holiday shoppers.  And when the Necronomicon gets a hold of some classic holiday entertainment, it sends Ash through a voyage of twisted Christmas visions that beat him senseless and initiate something deeper in Ash.  “It’s a blunderful life” for everyone’s favorite big chinned Chosen One and this year he’s going to face something tougher than the Deadite Santas and zombie elves.  He’ll find a piece of his soul that was swallowed long ago…

Also available:
Limited edition foil cover

BattlefieldsWitches03CovCassaday.jpgGARTH ENNIS’ BATTLEFIELDS: THE NIGHT WITCHES #3
Garth Ennis (W) Russ Braun (A)
Cover: John Cassaday

Anna finds both love and tragedy, as the savage Russian winter tightens its grip on friend and foe alike. Third Squad fight battles below zero, while Kurt is unable to ignore the horror of his comrades’ actions any longer. Germans and Night Witches come face to face in the worst possible way, colliding in a final storm of blood and bullets that leaves even the survivors scarred forever-  as the first story in the Battlefields series reaches its horrifying conclusion.

Also available:
Limited edition foil cover

BlackTerror03CovRoss.jpgBLACK TERROR #3
Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (W) Mike Lilly (A)
Covers: Alex Ross, Mike Lilly, & a surprise artist

Spinning out of Alex Ross’ Project Superpowers is the first new ongoing series — opening with a story arc by Ross, Krueger and Lilly!

In this issue, The Black Terror has bitten off more than he can chew on his quest to find out the ultimate fate of his sidekick, Tim. On this quest, he’s run right into “The Patriots” and the battle leaves the Terror shaken, but at the end of it, he comes face-to-face with President West!

Featuring three incredible covers that span the ages: Alex Ross (main cover), Mike Lilly (1-in-10) and a surprise third artist (1-in-15)! All covers will be printed on high-end card stock paper (similar to Marvel’s Civil War and Secret Invasion)!

Also available:
limited edition signed by Alex Ross
limited edition foil cover
rare high-end foil cover
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Boys25CovRobertson.jpgTHE BOYS #25
Garth Ennis (W) Darick Robertson (A)
Covers: Darick Robertson, Carlos Ezquerra

Hughie- or perhaps that should be “Bagpipe”- meets the original G-Men, and their mysterious benefactor John Godolkin. Secrets of the G-Mansion abound, including one that leaves our hero breathless. Frenchie and the Female begin surveillance as MM works the clues, and Butcher pursues answers from another source entirely. And in the background, unseen by either Boys or G-Men, shadowy forces prepare to make a move of their own… “We Gotta Go Now”, part three!

Also, the series of alternate covers counting down to issue #30 continues, this time legendary Judge Dredd artist, Carlos Ezquerra (50%) joins regular cover artist Darick Robertson (50%)!

Also available:
limited edition B&W Robertson cover
limited edition foil cover

DDDevil01CovCassaday.jpgDDDevil01CovRoss.jpgTHE DEATH-DEFYING ‘DEVIL #1
Alex Ross, Joe Casey (W) Edgar Salazar (A)
Covers: Alex Ross, John Cassaday, John Romita Sr., Edgar Salazar

More exciting comics featuring the greatest heroes of the ages from Alex Ross, Dynamite and Project Superpowers! Joining series mastermind Alex Ross for the debut of The Death Defying ‘Devil is writer Joe Casey and Dynamite exclusive artist Edgar Salazar!

Spinning out of the events from Project Superpowers Chapter One and bridging the gap before the debut of Project Superpowers Chapter Two, the mysterious ‘Devil is put on the case to track down the terrorist organization known as “The Claw”. Travelling with the equally mysterious Justine, The ‘Devil is also shadowed by a new hero that very well may hold the answers to the ‘Devil’s strange existence, and new clues to the nature of the Urn which imprisoned all of our heroes!

Featuring two incredible main covers (50/50 ratio), one by Ross and the other by John Cassaday, also look for chase covers by John Romita Sr. and inked by Alex Ross (approx. 1-in-12) and Edgar Salazar (approx. 1-in-15)! All covers will be printed on high-end card stock paper (similar to Marvel’s Civil War and Secret Invasion)!

Also available:
limited edition signed by Alex Ross
limited edition signed by Joe Casey
limited edition foil cover
rare high-end foil cover

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JG2-02CovBatistaNotFinal.jpgJG2-02CovCho.jpgJUNGLE GIRL SEASON 2 #2
Frank Cho, Doug Murray (W) Adriano Batista (A)
Covers: Frank Cho, Adriano Batista, Frank Martin Jr.

Dynamite’s Jungle Girl series returns! Under the direction of cover artist/co-plotter Frank (Avengers) Cho, co-plotter/writer Doug (The ‘Nam, SAVAGE TALES) Murray and interior artist Adriano (RED SONJA) Batista!

Explore the underwater world in our second season, as Cho and Murray are taking the action underground, and underwater as more clues regarding Jana, the undisputed Queen of the Jungle, finds out more about her mysterious past, and the mysterious island she calls home!

Featuring three covers per issue, one by Frank Cho (main cover) and the other two by Adriano Batista (1-in-4) and Frank Martin Jr. (1-in-10)!

Also available:
limited edition foil cover
rare high-end foil cover

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Brett Matthews (W) Sergio Cariello (A)
Cover: John Cassaday

Dynamite, Brett Matthews, Sergio Cariello and cover artist John Cassaday are proud to present a special epilogue to the “Scorched Earth” storyline with this issue, titled ““Ostinato”!

Also available:
limited edition B&W Cassaday cover

Luke Lieberman, Matt Wolpert (W) Wellington Dias (A)
Cover: Richard Isanove, Homs

Writers Luke Lieberman and Matt (Entourage) Wolpert, along with artist Wellington Dias present “Holliday in the Sun”! Featuring Blondie, Tuco and flashbacks to a younger Blondie’s early adventures!

Featuring a continuing set of Covers by Richard (Dark Tower) Isanove along with a special chase cover by Red Sonja artist Homs (1 in 10).

Brandon Jerwa (W) Jonathan Lau (A)
Cover: Dennis Calero

Featuring 32 pages of story and art (in a 40-page comic) depicting Dynamite’s first all-new cast of Galactica characters! Written by Brandon Jerwa, with art by Jonathan Lau and covers by Dennis (Legion of Super-heroes) Calero, our first-ever all-original Battlestar Galactica mini-series comes to an explosive conclusion! 32 pages of story and art in one massive 40 page comic!

Brian Reed (W) Walter Geovani (A)
Covers: Fabiano Neves, Adriano Batista, Jackson Herbert

The next thrilling Red Sonja story arc begins here as we set the stage for the next years worth of Red Sonja adventures, starting with another exciting saga by Brian Reed and Walter Geovani!

Featuring a trio of incredible covers by Adriano Batista (50%), Fabiano Neves (25%) and Jackson Herbert (25%)!


Also available:
Special blank cover edition
limited edition alterate cover
limited edition foil cover

TermRevo01CovIsanove.jpgTERMINATOR: REVOLUTION #1
Simon Furman (W) Lui Antonio (A)
Covers: Richard Isanove, Stjepan Sejic

The Terminator is back as Dynamite once again puts John Connor up against Skynet and the dark future as envisioned in the blockbuster films!

Helmed again by writer Simon Furman, joined by artist Lui (Red Sonja) Antonio and cover artists Richard (Dark Tower) Isanove and Stjepan Sejic (covers are 50/50 ratio), “Revolution” tells a story set in the dark future of the Terminators and the present day where John Connor and his mother Sarah are on the run from the enemies sent against them from the future!

Also available:
Limited edition foil cover
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Brandon Jerwa, Elliott Serrano (W) Miguel Montenegro (A)
Covers: Miguel Montenegro

We’re still not done with this? How many issues? 4!?!? Really? Ok, if you say so, let’s just get this over with, allright?

Jerwa and Serrano continue to amaze as they are again joined by artist Miguel Montenegro for a time-spanning, thrill-inducing, literary adventure! Featuring two covers by series artist Miguel  (50/50 ratio) Montenegro!

Matt Wagner (W) Cesar Rezak (A)
Covers: Matt Wagner, Francesco Francavilla
The thrilling second arc from series mastermind and cover artist Matt Wagner continues as we continue to explore the early adventures of el Zorro! Featuring two covers, one by Matt Wagner (75%) and the other a chase cover by Francesco Francavilla (25%)!

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James Kuhoric, Mike Raicht (W) Fernando Blanco (A)
Cover: Arthur Suydam
104 pages

After the Apocalyptic events of “From the Ashes” Ash is reunited with Sheila as the two set out to remake the world and reclaim the legacy of humanity. How can Ash possibly screw this up? Oh, just you wait…. It all starts here in Ash’s “Long Road Home”!

Collecting issues 5-8 of the hit Dynamite series, featuring the writing of James Kuhoric and co-writer Mike (Marvel’s Zombie, Savage Tales) Raicht, and art by Fernando Blanco! Also includes a complete cover gallery featuring the work of Arthur Suydam, Fabiano Neves and Stjepan Sejic!

Garth Ennis (W) Carlos Ezquerra (A)
Cover: Mark Texeira
240 pages

Collected in hardcover for the first time ever, the Complete Just a Pilgrim Hardcover features the signature anti-hero as created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Carlos Ezquerra! Return to Ennis’ hopeless, yet fascinating, post apocalyptic world brilliantly illustrated by Ezquerra!

Featuring both the original mini-series and the sequel (“Garden of Eden”) mini-series together for the first time in one hardcover collection, this volume also contains a complete cover gallery featuring the work of Tim Bradstreet, JG Jones, Glenn Fabry, and many more!

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