Oni Press Sneak Peek: Labor Days



I like the tag Oni Press is using for the upcoming Labor Days title – Revolution has a gigolo, and his name is Bags.  Bags just happens to be a down on his luck slacker, who’s stumbled across a mysterious videotape, and it’s up to him to find the truth.

The graphic novel is by Philip Gelatt with art by Rick Lacy.  Oni Press has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the 144 page black and white comic that arrives in October.

“LABOR DAYS is like a smoothie made up of James Bond movies, mid-twenties malaise, and toss-away scraps of social theory. Blended with an heroic amount of booze and an epic amount of fantastic artwork. Mmmm booze and malaise,” joked writer Philip Gelatt. “Writing LABOR DAYS was a lot of fun, mostly because it has lots of characters I wish actually existed. In fact, sometimes I forget that we just made Bags up. I pull my phone out and try to call him and then have to sheepishly put it away.”

“This book has taught me a lot.” said artist Rick Lacy. “And I taught it a number of things right back! ‘I’m Rick Lacy, damn it, and you’re not!’ I would say to it. People would stare. But I didn’t care. Because they’ll know when they read it. They’ll all know… I guess this book has made me a bit insane. But it was the best fun I’ve ever had drawing it.”


The first volume will sell for $11.95.

via Oni Press