With the major announcement that Geoff Johns is now on board the DCU Online MMORPG my interest in the game is at an all time high (until the next major announcement that is).  With the news, Sony Online Entertainment released a new set of images yesterday, and we have them after the jump, just for you.


NOW!  NOW!  I WANT THIS GAME NOW! (providing it is bug free, the game play rocks, and the story lines make sense).

via Sony Online Entertainment


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  1. I was never an mmorpg gamer…but with the Agency and DC universe coming closer it looks like im gonna have to add a couple more geek points to my stats.

  2. I’ve never been an MMORPGer either…..but I might make an exception for this game. Provided that SOE and DC don’t screw it up – I heard a lot of bad things about Star Wars: Galaxies, which is part of the reason I never jumped on board that particular ship.

  3. The game looks very good and peaks my interest but being someone who play’s MMO’s and had to experience all the stuff that SOE did with Star Wars Galaxies I am very tempted to pass on this title. SOE just soured it for me sadly.

  4. Here’s the problem. SOE did f’ up Star Wars: Galaxy. Also, has anyone played City of Heroes/Villians. It’s really good, for awhile. It’s fun and enjoyable, but I have a feeling that some of same game mechanics will make their way into DCUO.

    That being said, I am excited about this game. Though I will delay getting it to make sure its good, I will eventually get it. If we’re calling characters I call Suberb…….er…..Tom Welling (dead or not)

    Also, I suggest that we have a Major Spoilers guild/team/super-group/friends. I’m sure that there will be some type of grouping mechanism in the game. Having founding members Matthew, Rodrigo, and Stephen…..sounds like an epic win to me.

  5. I’d be down for that, I played COH for a while but lack of end of game content and repetition got me very bored.

    Played WoW for a long while as well, and man is it awesome, but also very time consuming, having a family that I enjoy spending time with after a year and 1/2 I found other ways to spend my time, but the fact that Jim Lee is an avid MMOPGer and that he is a big fan of WoW tells me that the content to this game should be great.

    and the screen shots just make me more and more interested.

    ….Oh and Adam I agree if there is not a Tom Welling Prime, on my server I”m so going for that

  6. I played through CoH with a Deadpool pastiche. It was fun enough, but once I made level 50 I didn’t see any overwhelming need to play longer.

  7. Johnny Velocity on

    This has promise, but I personally am anticipating Champions Online more, and it appears to be on track to arrive before DCUO. Still, I’ll likely try both.

    If you haven’t tried a superhero MMORPG yet, I’d skip the repetitive City of Heroes and wait til this one and Champions Online hit in the spring (at least CO is scheduled for then).

  8. Question: is this going to be PC only? I thought I read somewhere that this would be for PS3 as well…..how would that work?

    Since it seems we’re calling superheros/supervillains, I call dibs on any non-meta who has lots of gadgets, god-like fighting and mental abilities and that while still being a mere mortal can manage to take out any other character as long as they have 5 minutes of prep time.

    Seriously, this site should have a word filter that just throws in random descriptions like that for Batman.

  9. honestly I doubt that Champions Online will be any better than City of Heroes seeing as how they’re from the same head developer

  10. I think this game will be good, i have played WoW but i only played for a few months. Honestly WoW drains your life so i quit, then i went onto AOC(Age Of Conan), after a week stopped that was draining aswell.

    I cannont wait untill DC Universe Online comes out, i recently got a PS3 and this game will rock. My PC is good for games but i am not a PCe’r anymore. I only use games on my PS3 cause its better.

    I think more people will play PS3 then PC, but i hope PC people are connected with the PS3 servers, if they do make it seperate then that will suck hard. Imagine then if there are not enough people on PS3, then more people will go to PC.

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