Or – “Goggity Goggity Gog Gog Gog!”


Gog gog gog goggog gogga gogga gog goglagog gog.  Goggity gog gog gagog gogger gogging goggle gogton gog, gog goggog GOG!  Goggoggog, gogala gog gog goggington goggo gog gog goggit gog goggery goggla gog.  Gog?  Gogex Gog gogs gogger goggle gogra gog gog gog. 

Previously, on Justice Gogiety of America:  The remaining founding members of the JSA2.jpgoriginal Justice Gogiety, The Gogsh, HawkGog, WildGog, and the Gog Lantern, have chosen to teach the new generation of superheroes how to get the job done.  Hordes of young heroes arrived…  StarGog.  The Gog Spangled Kid.  SandGog.  Gogmage.  Gogerty Belle.  HourGog.  Judogogster.  Power Gog.  Mr. Gogriffic.  Amazing Gog.  Gogtor Mid-Nite.  Even an alternate reality version of SuperGog joined their ranks, and they faced menaces like Gogdal Savage, Per Gogaton, and even a strange plot involving the Legion of Gogerheroes.  In recent issues, a mysterious being has been discovered in Africa, using his powers to heal the sick, whether they want to be healed or not, and using his vast array of abilities to grow the African deserts into a tundra, and basically make even the most powerful heroes feel like eight year olds. 

Unfortunately, I can’t remember this gawd-like schmuck’s name.

We’re still in Africa as the issue opens, specifically in The Congo, as local strongmen sweep into a village and attack with what they think is impunity…  only to find themselves faced with not only nearly a dozen superheroes, but a fifty-foot horned giant who stops smiling long enough to bellow, “Leave.  Them.  ALONE.”  The Flash and Superman lead the charge, but soon the entire Justice Society engages the pseudo-soldiers in battle.  Hawkman attacks with characteristic fury, cracking a thug across the head with his mace and taking a vicious machete wound in return.  He prepares to wedge the blade in it’s owner’s head, when The Flash stops him short, chiding him about showing the new kids his savage side.  “What’s going on here is as BAD as what went on in eastern Europe…  and no one’s doing anything about it,” snarls the Hawk.  “We’re not here to fight a war, Carter,” says the original speedster.  “We’re here to make sure that Gog’s presence doesn’t start one.” 

Back in Gotham, Damage tries to communicate with Judomaster, Sandman sleeps soundly without nightmares, and Power Girl is still missing (stuck on the far-off Earth 2, being hunted by her own doppelganger and an alternate JSA.)  That short interlude is the about only break from ‘walking-around-the-jungle-staring-up-at-a-horned-goofball’ portion of the issue, I might add, as the founders argue over whether they should let Gog continue on his path.  As the giant watches, the mercenaries attack again, causing Gog to get angry and wave his mighty hand.  The Society members are shocked that he would kill humans so mercilessly, but Gog replies that he does not kill.  Instead, he transforms the men into fruit trees that will feed the people, rather than preying on them.  Superman and Green Lantern (who ain’t got nothin’ on me) argue that he should turn them back, that this is the same thing as murdering the men, but Hawkman won’t allow it.  “They’re lucky I don’t cut them DOWN, Jay,” he slavers, and it’s a very odd Hawkman we’re seeing.  Before the team can hash it out, they’re attacked by more so’jers, and Lance Corporal Reid leaps to their defense but even his powers aren’t up to deflecting a bazooka.  Doctor Mid-Nite can’t help him (since Gog’s healing touch restored his normal vision, he can’t use his powers anymore) and Corporal Reid…  dies.  (At least he wasn’t eaten by a dog in a cape…)  Gog waves his shiny hand, and Corporal Reid rises from the dead as MAGOG!  (Extra points to everybody who guessed this months ago!) Superman, who hails from the Kingdom Come universe where Magog was nearly responsible for the end of the world, is less than pleased.  The issue ends with Power Girl on Earth-2 finding Professor Michael Holt (who on our world became Mr. Terrific) and begging him for help…

It’s another issue where there isn’t a whole lot of JSA going on, instead focusing on Gog and tragedy, and aside from some oddness from Hawkman (another side-effect of Gog’s presence, perhaps?) there’s not much character work going on.  It’s always seemed odd to me that Corporal Reid never got a code-name, and now the reason is revealed.  I just hope that he doesn’t end up joining the Justice Society in this guise.  Geoff Johns always makes a good showing of this book, but once again the pacing feels a little bit off, with this issue rushing by at breakneck pace that makes the last page reveal feel like you’re a pit bull who just reached the end of it’s leash the hard way.  It’s a strange issue, though beautifully drawn as always by Dale Eaglesham.  I don’t know if it’s me, or the book, but it seems like every other issue of JSA is wonderful, offeset by one that makes me wonder why I read the ook.  Given that I loved last issue, I guess you can tell where I fall on this one.  I know that they can’t bring Kingdom Come into the mainstream DCU reality, so the YEAR or so of setup for doing so has to end in a big swerve somehow.  I guess what I’m saying is this issue didn’t grab me, for whatever reason, and I’m puzzled as to how Corporal Reid’s transformation is going to play into the DCU proper.  It’s a 2.5 out of 5 star effort all around, with what feels like great setup but no follow-through…



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  1. Thanks for reading this so I don’t have to. When Kingdom Come and the nostalgia act artist are gone, I’ll be able to start reading this book again and not be lost.

  2. It’s too bad that Citizen Steel wants to be cured; one of the reasons I’m reading this book is because of the wide cast of characters that would otherwise not get much attention.

  3. Not Corporal Reid!!!! NO!!!! He was my *favorite* not-quite-a-superhero-but-a-military-guy-with-a-mysterious-unexplained-power-and-no-real-costume.

    I don’t see how Magog will ever really be able to live up to the Corporal Reid legacy.

  4. Magog Magog **doo doooo doodoodoo**

    Magog Magog **doo doo doo doo**

    Magog Magog **doo doooo doodoodoo doodoodoo doodoodoo doodoodoodoodoodoo doo doodoo doo**

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