I know at least a few of you are interested in Dragonball the live action movie news, so here’s a peek at James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville) as Lord Piccolo.



The pics leaked all across the Interwebnets in the last day or so.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Dragonball episode, but I do know Lord Piccolo is a green guy with antennae, so what’s up with these pics?  Oh well, at least there is still Jamie Chung.

via io9.com


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  1. What studio head greenlit this shiatfest? I’m not even a Dragonball fan, quite frankly I find it to be rather retarded. Who spends a whole episode powering up while delivering a shaky monologue? I’d much rather see a sequel to Dead or Alive. Jamie Presley’s b00bs FTW!!!

  2. Jacin has a point, and if you are Buffy fan its even more fun considering “The Master” aKa Pumpkinmouth. Frankly the color doesnt bother me to much, green might look a bit tacky. Though it does ruin the whole Namekians are actually plants thing.

    In the end, even as a DB fan i have very low expectations for this movie simply because it would be goddamn near impossible to adapt. And so because i had these low standards from day 1 it doesnt bother me and now im just gonna see it for the lulz.

  3. that looks like absolute crap!!! im a dbz fan, and piccolo looks like someone shatted him out, waited 2 weeks till it turned white, threw some ears and eyes on and WALA!!! Piccolo…, not gonna see this movie now

  4. As a fan of anime, I’ve been paying attention to this and the more I see, the less I like. It looking more and more like the movie will be Dragon Ball in name only and will join Street Fighter in the “Bad Executive Idea to make a quick buck” column of bad movies. Kids will probably still see it though.

    BTW, DBZ is the one with the 30min staring contest. DB is really good. I’m not kidding. There’s like…. story and stuff… ;p

  5. Regardless of how i distaste DBZ with a passion, this is just wrong. I mean, Im ok with Bulma not having blue hair. It took me a long time to let go the fact that Goku isnt asian in the movie. Thats fine. But Piccolo not being green? Or at least have an antenna? Now that is just… wrong.

  6. I used to watch DBZ while working out early in the morning. I remember a point where I realized that two weeks had gone by and Goku was still on some spaceship working out and eating. Later, when I saw the original Dragon Ball series, I realized how much DBZ padded out the fights and storyline.

    I wonder if the movie will address the whole “Yeah, I know he’s evil and is powerful enough to blow up the planet, but I’m going to let him get stronger so I have a real challenge.”

  7. I’m suprised when I read how easily DB/DBZ fans got over the fact that Goku is not Asian in the movies. I mean, if you are such a fan, you should at least be offended that the suits effed up the source material…much less what the ethnicity switch says about us. I’d like to think that my fellow Americans would still support the movie to the same degree with Asian actors cast according to the source material.

  8. Hey Brent i see what you are saying but i dont think Hollywood doesnt like to hire asian actors unless they are typecast. Look at the movie 21, its based on a book where ALL the kids in it are asian-american, but in the movie they are all white, except one. I think its messed up, but what can we do about it?

  9. I know Marsters played Spike, but why does Piccolo have to look so similar to his vampire form? That second screencap looks like it came from Buffy. I’m sorry, but this movie just looks to get lamer by the second.

  10. I’m sorry but didn’t Piccolo wear a turban and cape!? I mean he looked like he might’ve been a Muslim or something. Personally, I feel a black actor could portray the character better. I’ve asked several people and they felt that Piccolo was a pseudo black character in that he was very wise, very strong, deeply voiced, larger than the other characters, wore attire similar to a Muslim, etc.

  11. If filmmakers do what you all want it will be creepy and stupidly looking for everybody who don’t care about bakcground and just go to see a movie.( Movie is other form of enterteining than novels, poems, painting, music and of course cartoon) But if they wasted actors for such a crap like playing green monster they should at last building that role on speciall effects and hired actor to voice it.
    Personaly I would pay for a ticktet if Marsters look more like himself.

  12. The above pictures depict Piccolo as an obvious alien from outer space. He looks way much cooler in the anime. The turban, the cape etc.

    I won’t be going to see this film that’s for sure!

  13. being a buffy fan, a Major James Marsters fan and a DBZ fan, im not sure what the outcome of this movie would be. i would NEVER question Masters acting, but the apearance of Piccolo IS salo… he looks like he want to vomit..!
    ..and as for the remark of “looking like Spikes vampire form..” CLEARLY NOT!! D=<
    take a look at a vampire, then this … pale looking… weirdo.. he looks more like Frezza than Piccolo..?

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