WizKids Back to “Print”



While we receive tons of sold out and back to print announcements from publishers, it was a surprise to see a similar announcement from WizKids, makers of the HeroClix line.  Seems the Super Skrull: Illuminati figures have completely sold out, prompting the company to a first-ever brick figure reprint.

“After the Crisis ‘Buy it by the Brick’ program, we did some serious evaluation of it in anticipation for Secret Invasion and built in the possibility of a reprint”, said Justin Ziran, Managing Director of WizKids. “With this second sell out, we’re glad to see that we succeeded in continuing to deliver a premium program benefiting brick and mortar retailers and pleasing HeroClix consumers alike.”

WizKids currently needs 300 more unfulfilled brick figure orders before October 24th to issue an unumbered version of the Super Skrull: Illuminati figure.

For more information on this offer visit the WizKids Games website.

via WizKids Games