Who has the power of a million exploding suns?  Sentry, that’s who!  Want to know everything there is to know about the secret history of Sentry? Of course you do.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of The Age of The Sentry #1 that arrives September 17, 2008.

THE AGE OF THE SENTRY #1 (of 6) (JUL082344)

When the Golden Guardian is severely injured, it is up to Scout, Lindy Lee, and Watchdog to save the day.  In order to do so, though, they’ll have to travel back in time and learn how Rob Reynolds became the Sentry!  PLUS: a startling new story featuring the Tinkerer and the Mad Thinker as they team up to build the ultimate device to steal the Sentry’s powers, the parasitic beam!  The Sentry is the only thing standing between them and world domination…


The Age of The Sentry will have a cover price of $2.99.

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  1. Leave it Marvel (God I love being an abusive relationship at times) to insist that we actually care about this Superman/nutjob. Jeff Parker has me interested. But I’m curious as to whether or not this series supports or supplants Paul Jenkins and JRjr. limited series from a couple of years ago where Sentry is presented as really crazy/really messed up. Are we allowed to retcon heroes that are less than 10 years old?

  2. Well, they rebooted Image’s “Superman”, Supreme, after about 5 years. But then, that character was completely useless and they brought in the greatest writer in comics to fix him. The parallel here is…uh…Sentry is completely useless.

    He just doesn’t feel right in the Marvel Universe. DC hands out caped powerhouses like Halloween candy and they fit into the broader DC universe. At Marvel Sentry seems like some alternate universe curiosity, like the Squadron Supreme. Add to that a silly and somewhat contradictory backstory and the Sentry’s existence at Marvel isn’t truly justified. He’s there because someone had the ego to put him into continuity and leave him there against better judgement. It might have worked in a self-contained story where Sentry dies or leaves the dimension at the end, but leaving him around on Earth and having to whip out the “by the way he’s crazy” excuse every time the world could use the power of a million exploding suns is redundant and kinda dumb.

    Refine him, reboot him, or retire him, but the Sentry as-is just kinda sucks in relation to the overall Marvel universe. Hopefully this series is something that takes him in one of those other directions.

  3. In total opposition to everyone else, I like the Sentry. Not crazy about how he’s portrayed sometimes, but i like him.

  4. I. CANT. STAND. THE. SENTRY. He is one of the worst superheroes out there today, i mean come on, this guy is supposed to be the strongest in the Marvel U, but as soon as you say Void, he runs away and cries like a little baby without even throwing a punch and it has been happening since he debuted. I mean 3-4 years of the same crap, come on Marvel, kill the Sentry, or let him be a Skrull….

  5. At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Sentry is going nowhere since he has the favor of not only Bendis but also the EiC. So we’re just gonna have to stomach him until there’s a new EiC which will initiate a re-boot to clean up the clusterF**k that the Marvel U is becoming. At least thta’s the way I see it.

  6. Sentry could be a good character in a self-contained story, I’ll say it again. “Superman” goes psychotic insane in the Marvel Universe and wrecks up the place.

    You want to seriously clean up Marvel Continuity, give them a “Crisis”? Sentry’s a good starting point. Throw in the Phoenix Force, Galactus, Dr. Doom, and Squirrel Girl, and you’re cooking with fire.

  7. Why did half of you even come to this site if you hate him so much?
    I think He is the one of the coolest characters.
    The fact that He is kind of crazy is cool and understandable when you think about it, He has so much power, He could save absolutly anybody, nothing is outside His limits, so how could He choose? How does one person get priority? It would be enough to drive anybody insane. The Void is his opposite, His equal, to balance him out. Thats why He can never kill him, and thats why He is so afraid of the Void. It might have been a mistake inventing him, but I’m glad they did.

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