IDW Brings Back Classic Sci-Fi


image003.jpgIDW has announced it is reviving long out of print science fiction tales in its New Classics of the Fantastic line.  First up from the company will be the Hugo Award-winning Nightwings by Robert Silverberg.

Earth’s long descent into hopelessness and despair created a civilization divided into guilds. One such guild is the Watchers, charged with keeping vigilant watch over the heavens against the alien invasion prophecy has long expected. But in a moment of weakness one skeptical Watcher is distracted… and the attack begins!

Spared from destruction during the fateful invasion, the Watcher soon travels from the ancient city of “Roum” to find shelter in the other once-great cities of man. Along the way he uncovers the invader’s true intentions, how they are related to the downfall of mankind, and that release from these captors will come in the most unexpected form of all.

IDW series editor Clifford Meth says the New classics of the Fantastic line will continue to bring back more Hugo and Nebula Award winning books over the coming months.

via IDW Publishing