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Owners of Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch devices have been downloading millions of games, utilities, books, and tools from Apple’s recently launched iTunes App Store. Starting later this year millions of iPhone/iPod Touch owners will have the opportunity to download digital comics from established industry professionals and studios, as well as new and rising comic book stars through iVerse Media.

“We have developed an extremely simple iPhone Application that allows us to display comics that have been specifically formatted for the iPhone/iPod Touch.” said iVerse Media owner Michael Murphey. “What we’re doing is creating new comics, and adapting existing comics into a format that makes reading comic books an enjoyable and easy experience on these devices. There’s no “zooming” or “pinching” required. All you have to do is flick your finger.”

Comics adapted using the iVerse Media software will be available in the iTunes App Store for as little as $.99. Some titles will be released free of charge.

“Creators and Studios will be able to set the final prices on their titles, but we’re expecting most standard length titles to be around $.99, and we’re encouraging creators to give away the first issues of their titles to allow new readers who may not be familiar with comics, but are iPhone/iPod Touch owners, to give comics on the devices a try.”

“With Digital Comics on the iPhone/iPod Touch we have access to a world wide audience, no printing costs or print run minimums, and it doesn’t take 3 months to get the title from in the catalog to on sale in a store. Each title will be featured as its own application in the App Store, and will be backed up onto the readers desktop or notebook computer each time they sync their device.”

iVerse Media is currently discussing comic adaptions and new creations from a variety of industry professionals and studios, and as of today, is accepting submissions from new creators. Details on submission requirements can be found at:

Established creators and Studios wishing to contact iVerse about adapting existing comics, or creating new titles can do so at:

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Press Release

Press Release

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  1. Morpheus11
    August 25, 2008 at 3:39 pm — Reply

    Oh YEAH! I was just talking to a friend of mine about this. I am excited and hope that Marvel and DC jump on this. I will probably still get my issues each week, but this will let me try out new titles for a lot cheaper.

  2. hermit
    August 25, 2008 at 8:55 pm — Reply

    no, just no.

    if the comic is made for it, maybe, but i won’t read secret invasion on this thing.

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