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Her name is Billi Jayne “BeeJay” Jensen. And she’s just a couple of weeks short of turning all of fifteen! But with the League of Champions off on a secret mission, and the abominable OGRE on the loose, it’s up to the sensational G-GIRL to skip on out to battle, and help the brave officers of the San Francisco Police Department take that monstrous bad guy down.

“Here Comes G-Girl” is scheduled to appear as a complete eighteen-page adventure, fashioned for your entertainment by FLARE’s regular creative team of Dennis Mallonee and Mark Beachum, and featuring a special guest appearance by G-Girl’s mom, that scarlet-tressed avenger of injustice, the awesomely endowed NEMESIS GIRL.

THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL will follow the adventures of Billi Jayne “BeeJay” Jensen, a teenaged girl with special powers, who’s intent on going into the family business of being a superhero. But she does have a few problems with it, because for one thing she’s not sure she actually wants to wear that skimpy spandex outfit her cousin Andrea designed for her. And on top of that, for reasons you’ll learn when the first issue appears, she’s really not comfortable with the idea of being suddenly so attractive to boys.

As artist Mark Beachum explains, G-Girl isn’t going to display very much of the direct sexiness that’s sometimes seen in FLARE. Rather, G-Girl is meant to be much more playfully coy, adolescent coming-of-age adventure with touches of tongue-in-cheek cheesecake that hearken back to girl pin ups of the 40’s. And writer Dennis Mallonee, makes a point of emphasizing that quite a few of G-Girl’s adventures will have nothing to do with superheroics. G-Girl is not only a superhero, she’s a high school student. And as such, she’s going to have to deal with many of the same kinds of situations you might see Archie’s Betty or Veronica getting into.

THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL is going to provide superhero action with a unique twist you will not expect and cannot miss! Mark Beachum’s work continues to bedazzle and provoke by pushing the edge as only he can, and Dennis Malonee’s newest creation will keep you both entertained and astonished!

Also in the first issue of THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, from out of the distant past, revealed at last in an all-new adventure by Dennis Mallonee and Denny Fincke, you’ll learn the fearsome “Fate of the DemonMaster.” Long-time fans of the world of FLARE and the LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS will recall that long ago, during events described in the original CHAMPIONS mini-series, “The Curse of the Hellfire Crown,” FLARE’s younger brother Philip, the notorious DEMONMASTER, was killed.

Or was he? In this first issue of THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, the truth is finally revealed. And when issue three rolls around, you won’t believe how the Demonmaster’s fate relates directly to G-Girl’s!

So what does the “G” stand for? And what are Beej’s special powers? You’ll get the answers to those questions when the first issue of THE SENSATIONAL G-GIRL appears in early 2009!

The electronic edition of FLARE ADVENTURES #21 is now available for online viewing FREE from Wowio.com!

fa21a.jpgFlare Adventures #21

FLARE ADVENTURES #21 features a magnificent cover by comics legend Frank Brunner, plus two complete adventures.

In the classic tale, “The Wisdom of Aphrodite,” by Dennis Mallonee and Mark Propst, comics’ glittering goddess of the light continues her adventures in Olympus, taking on the mantle of Eos, goddess of the dawn, in order to save the realm of the gods from the machinations of the night-goddess Nyx.

Also in this issue, LADY ARCANE and the BLACK ENCHANTRESS star in the classic tale, “All the Best Magic,” by Dennis Mallonee and Howard Simpson.

FLARE ADVENTURES #21 can be viewed online free of charge, exclusively at the new global Wowio.com, along with nearly the entire inventory of both published and unpublished Heroic titles. You can find FLARE ADVENTURES #21 at http://www.heroicpub.com/wowio.php?bookid=5250


The electronic edition of J. Adam Walters’ classic transgendered detective story, “The Remarkable Adventures of Heather Reilly,” is now available for online viewing FREE from Wowio.com, courtesy of Heroic Publishing, Inc.

What would you do if you were a hard-bolied investigative reporter who uncovered a secret that got you killed, only to find yourself waking up in the body of your own little sister? For hard-hitting ace reporter Jack Reilly, this is not a hypothetical question. The first issue of “The Remarkable Adventures of Heather Reilly” is writer/artist J. Adam Walters’ classic tale of murder, mystery, and magic that follows Jack’s quest to come to terms with what’s happened to bring him together with little sister Heather, and sets him on a course of action to solve his own murder and avenge his own death.

This classic tale was not only one of the earliest graphic novels in the sub-genre of transgendered fiction, it’s also a hard-boiled detective murder mystery. As such, it’s a compelling tale that demands a sequel. And writer/artist J. Adam Walters has already laid plans to begin working on Chapter Two in the remarkable adventures of Heather Reilly. The second issue is currently scheduled to appear sometime in early 2009.

HEATHER REILLY #1 can be viewed online free of charge, exclusively at the new global Wowio.com, along with nearly the entire inventory of both published and unpublished Heroic titles. You can find HEATHER REILLY #1 at http://www.heroicpub.com/wowio.php?bookid=4819

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