Every couple of years, EIDOS rolls out a new model to play the role of Lara Croft at trade shows and promotional events that may or may not feature the Tomb Raider.  This time around, it’s up to gymnast Alison Carroll to wield the guns of Croft and to promote the upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld that arrives in November 2008.

Yes, fanboys, there are more pics of Ms. Carroll after the jump.

“This is a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to embracing Lara’s world,” said Alison Carroll. “It’s unbelievable how realistic her movements are in Tomb Raider: Underworld and it’s so gratifying to be able to use my years of gymnastic training to portray such a beloved character.”


via Market Watch


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  1. Well, what I like about those photos is the scar on her leg. It only seems natural for such a character, as opposed opposed to all those perfect, airbrushed models. Still, the photo no. 5 cracks me up. What’s the…? :D

  2. Well, she’s not super-remarkable like the last Lara Croft models, but I guess she could physically perform the acrobatics that Lara Croft could do if she were real.

    Now if she could use her gymnast talents for something for herself to own, she would most definitely make a name for herself. Maybe even make a comic book character of her own.

    I agree with the No 5 photo stuff…. WTF is that pose supposed to do for the character? I’m thinking its a fan-service photo. I don’t really think the pose adds anything of substance to Lara Croft.

  3. The best kind of gymnast is the overly-busty gymnast. :D Roy, are you complaining? I hope you’re not complaining. It’s refreshing to see a “gymnast” who looks old enough to drive and go to bars! I haven’t cared much about Ms. Croft in a while, but this…. THIS is a reason to care. :D

    (wow, i feel old and dirty.)

  4. No, no, definitely not complaining…..maybe I’ve just been watching too much of the Olympics. Seriously, WTF? Some of those girls look like they’re 9!

  5. They look like they’re 9 because of their dietary restrictions the coaches put on them. I think I saw an interview on HBO about them. How most of them eat a “piece of fruit” for breakfast, chicken for lunch, then another “piece of fruit”.

    With about 4% bodyfat, that would make any woman look 9, considering the ideal body fat percentage is around 8-12% (last I remembered from my weight training course in college).

  6. Just the kind of gymnast that I used to dream about…….when i was a teen ager….yeah that’s the ticket….

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