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  1. han solo hands down. he would so kick the shats ass and then shoot him, and then screw some alien babes….not in that order

  2. I think Chewbacca vs. Spock would be more interesting. Could the Vulcan apply a nerve pinch before the Wookiee rips his arms off?

  3. Han Solo = 8 different kinds of bad assness. He’s like Jack Bauer, Jack Ryan and Jack Daniels all rolled into one. And yes, Han would shoot first……and his blaster wouldn’t be set to stun, either.

  4. Solo FTW! Easiest poll ever. Kirk would probably be too busy trying to do leia and solo would come up and shoot him in the back!

  5. my website name speaks for me when i say … double dumbass on you to anyone who would vote against the greatest starship captain in all known quadrants. kirk nailed every hot alien chick who came his way … especially orion slave girls …

    … the comment comes to youcourtesy of riviera maya where i’m currently honeymooning …

    … and i’m out.

  6. I voted for Kirk, but I understand the cool of Solo. I wouldn’t get into a fight about it like Free Enterprise, but I do groan at the comparison of the two. Solo vs. Kirk is a mismatch…..what is it with slave girls……didn’t even pilot the ship…..Wookie vs. Spock……spice run, what the fuck is this Dune….Mudd vs. Lando…..rrrrrragh! Maybe I do want to fight? Kirk all the way.

  7. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Solo also helped lead the Ewoks to glorious victory at Endor!

    Even better, in one of the novels he told an Imperial Grand Admiral to “Kiss my Wookie”

  8. It’s a tough call, but I have to go with Kirk here. Han is more likely to exercise the better part of valor, while Kirk tends to pick fights.

  9. I think this comes down to what sort of fight it would be. Solo has proven his ability to evade long range assaults. He can be running from hundreds of storm troopers who are all firing on him and they’ll all miss. Pilot the Millenium Falcon through an asteroid belt and not crash. He seems to have some sort of probability distortion field. If Kirk fired a phaser at him at point blank range, it stands to reason that he’d miss due to the pd field. Hand to hand, though, I think Kirk has the edge. He does those flying drop kicks. But then again, a flying drop kick is a long range attack. If nothing else, Kirk could seduce Solo. After all, Solo is alive and moving. That, I believe, passes the Kirk litmus for seduction worthiness.

  10. MarkCalifornia on

    Kirk alone for the quality and quantity of chics he pulls. He’s been in more fights. His ship doesn’t break down every five minutes and his best friend isn’t a walking carpet. Also I’m a fan of Star Wars and not a Trekkie and the result seems obvious to me.

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