Marvel has announced the Marvel: Your Universe! book that features a complete look at the major events in the Marvel U from the last five years.  Take the jump for a peek at the cover.



Best part about this August 27, 2008 title?  It’s free!

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  1. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Sounds pretty interesting. I almost wonder if something along these lines would have helped Final Crisis’ perceived impenetrability.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about Final Crisis.

    But then I remembered Grant Morrison’s comments about continuity and Countdown and Death of the New Gods and realized it would be pretty pointless. Especially if Final Crisis follows its two predecessors and rewrites continuity.

    God, I can’t wait until DC is readable again. It’s hard to get invested in anything when it could all be wiped out by the next Event.

  3. part of me really wants to be a DC reader again, but these big events on DC’s part have as of late made little to no sense for me, WW3 was my breaking point.

    the black lantern thing may get me back, but we’ll have to wait and see

  4. I am waiting for both of them to calm down before I get serious again. The fact that the Legion (Which I love with the threeboot) has been in my opion the most stable comic is a pretty sad commentary on the state of comics today. I don’t think that Liefeld could make as much of a mess as the 2 companies have.

  5. Actually, DC did do something like this. Countdown issue #0 was fifty cents (or free) and served to set up all of the various Final Crisis titles. It wasn’t really written for casual DC readers, though. But in that way, I suppose it was a great introduction to Final Crises.

  6. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Well DCU #0 or what have you was more of a preview book than a recap one. I only read it in the store, but I don’t recall it covering major storylines in the past.

  7. I have to say that the current “tie it all togther!” mentality has caused me to slim down my pull list quite a bit, especially with books like Checkmate, Shadowpact, and other esoteric titles going by the wayside.

    Maybe it’s me, but having the books be impenetrable like this does help with my budget…

  8. See, this is why buying in trades works for me.

    It used to be that I was buying so many monthly (heh) comics that I couldn’t remember what happened in the previous issue across series and I would always feel like I missed an issue, hunt for it in a long box and remember reading it and then feeling kind of dumb that I thought I had missed it (Holy run on sentence, Batman!).

    Now that I buy in trades, the abuse of my wallet is spread out and I don’t feel like I’ve missed an issue. I can also skip chunks of events, and if I want to go back and pick them up, I can usually find the trade for $5 at a local con.

  9. This will be pointless if they don’t provide a timeline. Marvel’s continuity is a mess as far as I’m concerned…

  10. Marvel’s continuity has to be more slapped together than DC’s right? Have they ever come even remotely close to rebooting? Sure, they rebooted Spider-Man with Same Old Day, but when were the Fantastic Four and Avengers formed now? The late 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? They still count the original Skrull invasion as canon when it happened 40 years ago. As bad as DC is, at least they ackowledge the passage of time in the sense that hey, either Bruce Wayne is a 96-year-old man or we need to “reset” the universe and give him an updated origin.

    As much as I like the Justice Society, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott, I think the World War II version of the JSA needs to be booted into Earth-2 permanently and Superman needs to be re-established as the main DC Universe’s first super-hero, with Batman, Flash, and GL following soon after. If Morrison is leading up to this, hell, he can do 7 issues of Detective Chimp flinging poo at the Spectre and I’ll be all for it. And who wouldn’t want to see that anyway?

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