Continuing one of the greatest Secret Origins stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, the powerhouse that is Geoff Johns is writing Green Lantern to a tee. And as much as we’ve had a massive amount of Johns-love this past week with SDCC, I have no choice but to really continue the trend.

GL_Cv33_solicit.jpgThat being said, I think when you have an author like Geoff Johns writing such iconic characters as Green Lantern and Superman, and doing it consistently well, maybe we’re allowed a bit of a slip in to the bro-mance (apparently the new word in place of “man-crush”).

The fifth part in the Green Lantern Secret Origins story, with Johns pulling off a trademark retcon, issue #33 of Green Lantern was once again fantastic. There were a few minor flaws, but for the most part, I was really stoked when this issue was laid out in front of me.

Last issue Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris were under Hector Hammond’s telepathic control, which is where this issue picks up. He is obviously doing some serious damage to each of them, primarily (I suspect) to Hal. We have a small narration as to just who and what is going on, but we’re pretty much off and running straight away.

However, even before we get to Hal versus Hammond, Johns starts off with a one page look in to the morbid curiosity young William Hand has with dead people. This page also has a great line, with William’s mother coming in yelling “Why can’t you be a good Christian like your brothers?”

Nothing like some religious guilt to keep you going, huh?

We soon see Hammond focusing his attention on to Carol, with all the passion and insanity of a man in love, meaning he doesn’t have his senses, and Hal is finally pushed into action, twice (the second time involves an unmanned fighter jet). Sinestro, however, is thoroughly unhappy with Jordan’s prowess with a ring, and the two quickly begin a flight to the spot where Abin Sur’s vehicle is buried, leaving Carol alone and curious.

A quick one page showing the whereabouts of Atrocitus, and we’re back to Jordan and Sinestro, who finally begin to get a long; to a point. One of the annoying things I’ve encountered in this series is Sinestro, and his seeming inability to understand that everyone has to start somewhere. In this issue we finally see him get off his high horse – or whatever it is his people ride – and begin to empathize with young Jordan.

Abin Sur has left Sinestro a message in Hal’s ring, which outlines Abin’s last mission, and plays very nicely into Johns’ retcon of events, once again setting up the story for Blackest Night.

Without giving everything away, the issue ends with a couple of Green Lanterns with de-powered rings.

What don’t I like? Wasn’t this supposed to be a three parter? Or at least, that’s the way the pacing seemed to me at the beginning. Maybe I was misreading things, but we seem to be extending the story out a bit, Robert Jordan-esque (Wheel of Time fans will get my meaning).

Other than that, I really can’t complain about this book. Not only is it a great retcon, but it also holds much reverence for the original Hal Jordan Secret Origin.

Ivan Reis’ pencils are fantastic as well, but I am at a loss as to how to properly express my joy in them. The people seem real to me, but still drawn. It doesn’t feel like I’m reading a book starring Matthew Perry or some other famous celebrity. These characters are their own selves, cartoony in their own realistic way. There is a two page splash, in the middle, that I would just love to have up on my wall; a group of Manhunters obliterating Sector 666. The green haze around the edge is a beautiful touch, speaking to the holographic projection that we are seeing.

This is definitely something that will be a great addition to the TPB collection, earning Green Lantern #33 4.5 out of 5 Stars (4 for the story, 5 for the art).



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  1. Thanks for the spoilers Joshua, nice review! I’m a big fan of art, to me art can make a passible story good and a good story great, then again bad art can take a great story and drive it into the ground for me (Earth X anyone…great covers too bad the interior didn’t match up….) may have to check this one out!

  2. i agree 100%, i love geoff johns work on Green Lantern, with superman not so much. He and majorspoilers made me put all the GL books on my pulllist. I though this issue was great, it finally showed something other than pompous jackasss in Sinestro. Abin Sur was really his friend and he was saddened by his death, and now we get to see a smack down between Atrocitus, Hal and Sinestro…..

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