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  1. I know it’s only a trailer and what not but I didn’t appreciate the gag rate, it was a bit relentless when every other line is supposedly witty and clever it gets tired, it’s not even 4 minutes long and I got fed up with it. Doesn’t make me miss the hypothetical series.

  2. Lifeisaglitch on

    Come on the gags are a trademark of all Whedon-verses.

    I liked it, though the Buffy character design was sorta meh and the overall artstyle was a bit to CN. Animation was good even though the vampire transformation and dusting looked too different from the original versions. Dialogue was full of gags (very much like the originale show) and as long as humor is good it has a place. Some tiny flaws but i liked it overall…But a dragon….Naw i cant complain about that, it is a cartoon afterall.

    OH and was that the originale cast doing voices?

  3. No, I believe they’re not the original voices , they sound more like voice actors trying to sound like the original cast, you can hear it when Niles speaks.

  4. It was good. I look at it like the comic book. With a new medium, it opens up what the writers can do in the universe.

    Buffy could have been drawn better. But I believe it was the original cast doing the voices.

    Spot on!


    Wait, who am I kidding….I marked out over it. The dragon was a bit much, but Adam’s right. New medium and all…..

  6. It was good. It would have been a successful series. Much more so than most of the garbage on the Cartoon Network.

    Considering how cheap-assed most productions are these days the animation wasn’t bad.

  7. I know the gags are all Whedonesque but they aren’t so relentless in other mediums. Too much with the funny and it detracts from each gags impact. Plus not all of them are that good, if it was the first 3 minutes of a proper show I’d hope about half of them would’ve been culled out.

  8. Mauricio Muniz on

    According to the news at the time, all the cast was doing the voices with the exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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