Top Cow has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in October 2008.

Cyblade-1_Mays.jpgCyblade #1
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov    (A) Rick Mays        (Cov) Rick Mays, Kenneth Rocafort

The “season premiere” of one of last year’s Pilot Season winners! You voted for it, you got it! From the pages of Marc Silvestri’s Cyberforce comes a solo series for Cyblade!
Dominique Thiebaut has been leading a double life. By day she’s an awkward teenager, but, at night, a chip in her brain changes her into the deadly master assassin Cyblade. Now she’s broken free from Cyberdata’s control. She must find a way to escape from their clutches, while trying to discover who she really is beneath.

Cover A – Rick Mays
Cover B – Kenneth Rocafort

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      Ongoing Series

Pilot Season 2008 Complete Set
(W) Top Cow’s Finest      (A) Top Cow’s Finest

Check out all six entries in this year’s Pilot Season to determine which one is your favorite. The top two vote-getters get greenlit for next year!

Full Color    32 pages each    $12.99        Comic Set (6 issues)

BT_Witchblade_NB.jpgBroken Trinity: Witchblade
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Nelson Blake II         (Cov) Nelson Blake II, Jeffrey Spokes

In the aftermath of Broken Trinity, there’s a somber visit to a gravesite as Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini is left to sort through her feelings for her baby’s father, Jackie Estacado, wielder of The Darkness. Meanwhile, The Angelus watches and plots, waiting for a chance to strike.
This is the third of three, tie-in stand-alone issues to Broken Trinity, featuring the fantastic art of Nelson Blake II (G.I. Joe: Reloaded) and the third of three alternate covers by Jeffrey Spokes (Sadhu: The Silent Ones).

Cover A – Nelson Blake II
Cover B – Jeffrey Spokes

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      One-Shot

BT_Witchblade_Spokes.jpgBroken Trinity Jeffrey Spokes Lithograph
(ART BY) Jeffrey Spokes

All three Broken Trinity tie-in covers by Spokes join to form one spectacular 11” x 17” lithograph! Ships in protective sleeve with certificate of authenticity.

Full Color        $29.99      Lithograph

FBAM001000COVS_3.jpgFirst Born: Aftermath WWCH/SDCC Variant Cover
(W) Phil Hester, Ron Marz    (A) Stjepan Sejic, Ryan Sook, Lee Moder    (Cov) Sook

This summer convention variant features an alternate cover by Ryan Sook (Countdown).

Full Color        32 pages        $10.00      Convention Exclusive

DKv3009COV_Timson.jpgThe Darkness #9/73
(W) Phil Hester    (A) Jorge Lucas    (Cov) Jorge Lucas, Dale Keown

Jackie Estacado is in Hell…literally! Jackie’s soul has been condemned to eternal damnation and his assigned tormentor happens to be an ages-old enemy who bears a centuries-long grudge against The Darkness. But this enemy has a proposition for Jackie, a bargain that may prove more terrible than Hell itself. Meet The Sovereign.

Cover A – Jorge Lucas
Cover B – Dale Keown

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      Ongoing Series

DKv3004covWWCH.jpgThe Darkness #4 WWCH Variant Cover
(W) Phil Hester    (A) Michael Broussard    (Cov) Kenneth Rocafort

Madame Mirage artist Kenneth Rocafort provides an awesome Jackie Estacado variant cover to this Wizard World Chicago exclusive.

Full Color        32 pages        $10.00      Convention Exclusive

Dragon-Prince-2_Johnson.jpgDragon Prince #2
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Lee Moder           (Cov) Jeff Johnson, Michael Avon Oeming

The fantastic tale by Ron Marz and Lee Moder continues! Aaron Chiang has learned the truth — the blood of dragons flows through his veins, and he is the last of his kind! But now, evil wizards known as the Magi — who would see dragonkind erased from the Earth forever — have sent a merciless Dragon Hunter after Aaron, forcing the boy to leave behind everything he knows and flee into the unknown.
Featuring spectacular covers by Jeff Johnson (Amazing Spider-Man, Way of the Rat) and Michael Avon Oeming (The Mice Templar).

Cover A – Jeff Johnson
Cover B – Michael Avon Oeming

Full Color        32 pages        $2.99      Limited Series

Dragon Prince #1 Baltimore Comic-Con Variant Cover
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Lee Moder        (Cov) David Finch

This Baltimore Comic-Con variant features a cover drawn by the incomparable David Finch (Ultimate X-Men, The New Avengers)!

Full Color        32 pages        $10.00      Convention Exclusive

Impaler-TP.jpgImpaler Volume 1 Trade Paperback
(W) William Harms    (A) Nick Marinkovich, Nick Postic, Francis Tsai    (Cov) John Paul Leon

This brilliant reimagining of the vampire myth is collected for the first time and includes the final three parts of the initial storyline not available anywhere else.
When one of the worst blizzards in modern history descends upon New York City, the blinding snow and wind are the least of the city’s problems. For hidden in the weather is a growing army of ravenous vampires, and humanity’s only hope lies with Vlad Tepes, the “historical Dracula.”
Impaler has received accolades from countless sources, including Rue Morgue magazine, Aint it Cool News, Cinescape, IGN Comics, and others. Impaler was also a finalist for the prestigious International Horror Guild Award. A new, ongoing series will debut in December!

Full Color    160 pages    $14.99    Trade Paperback

IMPALER_cov_SDCC.jpgImpaler/Top Cow Preview Book SDCC Variant Cover
(W) William Harms, B. Clay Moore     (A) Nick Marinkovich, Nick Postic, Francis Tsai, Nelson Blake II    (Cov) TBD

This San Diego Comic-Con exclusive preview book features early peeks at Impaler and a new project written by B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, JSA: Classified).

Full Color        32 pages        $10.00      Convention Exclusive

AOWanted.jpgThe Art of Wanted Hardcover
(ART BY) Various

You’ve enjoyed the Universal Pictures movie and read the graphic novel, so now you can admire a great selection of art and photographs from Wanted. This eye-catching collection contains art from the comic, stills and production designs from the movie, images from the video game, and more!

Full Color        96 pages        $29.99        Hardcover

Wanted #1 Circuit City Special Edition
(W) Mark Millar    (A) J.G. Jones        (Cov) J.G. Jones

Check out this mini-reprint of issue #1 to be inserted into Wanted DVDs for Circuit City, featuring an all-new cover!

Full Color        32 pages        $5.00      Special Edition

WB-Compendium-Vol.-2.jpgWitchblade Compendium Volume 2 Hardcover
(W) Ron Marz, David Wohl, Geoff Johns    (A) Chris Bachalo, Brian Ching, Mike Choi, Tony S. Daniel, Francis Manapul

A flagship character. A wealth of talent. An unbelievable value. Now’s your chance to get caught up on Witchblade with 50 issues contained in this monster collection! Witchblade is on fire with a new movie in the works and the tremendous work currently being done on the series by the creative team of Ron Marz (Samurai: Heaven and Earth) and Stjepan Sejic (First Born). This is an absolute must-have for fans and new readers alike! Collects Witchblade #51-100.

Full Color        1,280 pages        $99.99        Hardcover

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