SDCC’08: Top Cow Panel



With Wanted already in theaters, and the next Pilot season well underway, Top Cow had a packed room on Saturday for its panel.

Sitting on the panel were Joshua Hale Fialkov, Publisher Philip Sablik, Paul Dini, Founder Marc Silvestri, President Matt Hawkins, Clayburn Moore, Seth Green, Hugh Sterbakov, William Harms, Randy Queen, Sarah Oaks, Ron Marz, and Editor Rob Levin.

  • The Art of Wanted is an oversized book arriving in November
  • Green and Sterbakove talked about The Freshman, including a Puppeteer statue by Clayburn Moore.
  • Witchblade Anime will be available for purchase from iTunes beginning August 11
  • Witchblade the movie will most likely hit theaters in 2010, and will be directed by Battlestar Galactica director Michael Rymer.
  • Jorge Lucas and Nelson Blake are exclusive to Top Cow
  • Ravine is a new project by Stjepan Sejic, about a man’s quest to bring his wife back from the dead, and the heroes trying to stop him.
  • Vlad the Impaler is hunting vampires in Impaler, which will finish its run with Top Cow.
  • Paul Dini’s Jingle Belle is getting a home at Top Cow under a new banner called Dini Cartoons.
  • More Madame Mirage stories from Dini coming next year.
  • I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Top Cow is partnering with Iron Fist to manufacture clothes and apparel that will hit in 2009.
  • Berserker is about average people discovering they have Norse powers and are brought into a war that has been raging for 1,000 years or more.
  • Berserker has already been picked up to be turned into a film with Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) and Russ Cundiff.