What happens after Batman: R.I.P.?  Is Morrison sticking around, or is there something big planned?  You’ll have to take the jump to find out.

On the panel were Dan DiDio, Bob Wayne, Ian Sattler, Matt Idelson, Jann Jones, Philip Tan, and Geoff Johns.

  • For those worried about Kevin Smith on the Batman: Cacophany mini-series, you should be pleased to know DC already has the first two scripts from Smith.  Nothing on the other four.
  • Ronald Raymond will be a Black Lantern, and Jason Rusch will be involved in “Blackest Night”
  • Batwoman will appear in the upcoming James Robinson Justice League title
  • Dan Jurgens will take over writing and art duties for Booster Gold with issue #15.
  • No Batman Beyond comic book. That was done already and cancelled due to low numbers if I remember correctly.
  • Could Dr. Light get his just reward when he meets The Spectre in Final Crisis: Revelations?
  • GOOD NEWS!  Denny O’Niel is going to do some work following the R.I.P. story that focuses on Gotham City following whatever it is Morrison is doing to Batman.
  • EVEN BETTER NEWS!  Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?  Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert, January ’09.  It will be two issues, one in Batman and the other part in Detective Comics (oversized issues to boot).
  • No other word was given about that project as DiDio cut the panel off after that.

Newsarama caught up with DiDio who had this to say

Newsarama: Dan, obviously the title is a reference to Alan Moore’s Superman story, “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” Are there parallels between this story and that one?

Dan DiDio: There are a number of parallels to that. There’s a very particular reason why we call it that, and that information will be coming out later on, but with this, we wanted to get someone of that particular stature to tell this story, a story that will really define the years of Batman’s life.

via Newsarama

Big news indeed!


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  1. For the record the Batman Beyond Animated series was actually better than Batman the Animated Series.

    If there’s resistance to a Batman Beyond Comic Book series it’s because the vast majority of the comic book reading public are brain-dead and/or 50 year old fanboys who couldn’t find their a-hole with both hands and map.

  2. If I recall correctly the Batman Beyond comic was aimed at kiddies, like the JLU book (which wasn’t half bad). Unfortunately, DC hasn’t thrown us a bone in terms of BB in a while … it’s time though. At least Mattel is making both a JLU style & DCUC Batman Beyond figure. NATCH!

  3. For those worried about Kevin Smith on the Batman: Cacophany mini-series, you should be pleased to know DC already has the first two scripts from Smith. Nothing on the other four.

    … so, we’ll get two issues and the wait for eight years for the series to finish?

  4. James G wrote:
    “Actually, Kevin Smith’s mini-series is only 3 issues, so he’s only got one more to turn in.”

    Well, since you put it that way …

    … so, we’ll get two issues and then wait for eight years for the series to finish?

  5. The Smith book doesn’t even have an artist lined up ‘cos DC knows Smith, knows his DDD woes, and won’t solicit the thing ’til it’s all in the can. You won’t have to wait once the series starts shipping.

    And there’s little reason to believe that it’ll take much longer for Smith to have that last script in. After ZACK & MIRI is ready for distro, there aren’t any other firm projects to divide his time for the immediate future. If anything, he’ll prolly start looking for more comics projects to keep him from getting bored.

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