When I found out that X-Factor #33 was part of a three part Secret Invasion tie-in with She-Hulk, I was not happy. I’m never happy when X-Factor gets dragged into another event or mini-series.  But there was more to it; what I didn’t know that Peter David was writing She-Hulk.

shehulk31cover.jpgFirst, the front cover is really funny.  I don’t often go for admiring the front covers of books, mainly due to the lack of words and story (I’m one of those comic readers). But anywhere where you have a large amount of Jamie Madrox Skrulls trying to pull down Jennifer Walters, aka, She-Hulk, from her own title, you have to giggle a little.

Even with the great cover, turn the page, and readers find the same scene where X-Factor ended. However, this time around, the page wasn’t drawn by Larry Stroman, but rather by Vincenzo Cucca, who I immediately loved! Now, without dragging this through the stereotypical “I hate Larry Stroman’s artwork” quagmire, let’s just say that this one page – pretty much a mirror copy of Stroman’s – featured a She-Hulk who actually looked like a human with a human face.

I really enjoyed Cucca’s artwork the whole way through this issue. He has a real grasp of how to draw a comic book. The humans looked like humans, but still have that very modern cartoon look to them that you would expect to see on a Saturday morning cartoon.

For once, I wasn’t overly unimpressed with the large bust being sported by the title character. It makes sense, that someone who “Hulks out” would have naturally large breasts. Here, it didn’t seem to be a blatant attempt to please the boys who have never spoken to a woman that wasn’t their mother.

With Peter David writing both X-Factor and She-Hulk he  managed to keep a measure of control over the tie-in.

Peter David knows how to tell a story. The flashbacks to Jen and Jazinda’s journey to Detroit was really well done. The story that unfolded in the past was told in the present just as it was needed.  The tension and prevailing fight scenes between She-Hulk and Monet St. Croix were really well done too, and though I’ve never even seen the two on the same page before, I really got the impression they didn’t like each other.

There were two things that I really loved about this book that I want to make mention of. First, towards the end of the book St. Croix catches up with X-Factor’s target, Darwin, and touches him on the shoulder saying that she was glad to catch up with him. His little “She touched me. Monet touched me.” moment was good, but it was so much better that his speech bubble was a love heart.

And similar to what I said about the front cover, there is nothing quite like seeing Jamie Madrox in full clone mode, pumping them out and piling them on top of one solitary person. Great dialogue, great art, great idea.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this book, and I give She-Hulk #31 4 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. I don’t mean to be rude, so forgive me if it comes across this way, but i’ve got to say that based on this review I really don’t understand what happened in this book. I don’t post comments as often as some folks but I really enjoy coming to the site reading the articles, reviews, and all, but I got to tell you I really really come back because of the spoilers.

    If I like something it just makes me go out and buy it that much more, my comic collection has The Boys, Planet Hulk & World War Hulk, and the Sinestro War’s to thank Major Spoilers for, and honestly I would not have picked them if not for the Spoilerery goodness, that made me go, wow that story sounds great, I’ve got to pick that up and read it.

    So I guess all I’m saying is (and I don’t speak for anyone other than myself, others may disagree and please feel free to) on the next review please don’t skimp on the spoilers cause I gotta tell you that is what I love the most!

    …..That is unless you are legally bound not to review great spoilers which really sucks…. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I miss the old scanner enduced reviews, but I understand the changes and some Major Spoilers is a hellova lot better than no Major Spoilers, that period in time SUCKED a big KRACKADOWHA!

  2. G’day Brad,

    I am the author to whom you are speaking, and I heartily thank you for your comment. I have long wondered, do people want to be spoiled, or do they want someone telling them to go read the issue. It’s a hard line to cross – how much do you give away. But it seem, by your comment, that people who read our reviews want to be spoiled. I can live with that, and though I won’t give the whole bag away, I at least know now to put in a few spoilers.

    Thanks Brad,

  3. Oh yeh spoilers are definately appreciated. I would never have gotten Villains United without spoilers way back, which led to me now buying the forthcoming Secret Six! Ditto on Planet Hulk, because I am *NOT* a Hulk lover!

    Dini’s Detective, Simone’s Wonder Woman, Agents of Atlas and Mi13/Capt. Britain are just a few others I can think of off the top of my head I’d have all missed out on if not for spoilers! Oh ok maybe not MI13 since there’s been such good word of mouth!

    Anyway, point is SPOILERS ARE GREAT!

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