Another DC panel, another rapid fire wrap up of the event as only Major Spoilers can.

On the panel: Mike Grell, Gail Simone, Grant Morrison, Brad Meltzer, Aaron Lopresti, Nicola Scott, Ian Sattler, ,Jann Jones, Geoff Johns, Keith Giffen, Judd Winick, and Dan DiDio.

  • The Flash: Rebirth begins in January
  • DC has acquired the rights to the Archie superhero characters, and you’ll see them being incorporated in the Brave and the Bold written by J. Michael Stracynzski.
  • The Milestone characters are also returning – ICON, Static, Hardware, the Shadow Cabinet, and the rest. Fans of Static will be joining the Teen Titans.  Very Cool!
  • Following Batman: R.I.P. there will be a two part story that according to Morrison will be “effectively the last Batman story”.  Yeah, right…good thing I’m reading Detective Comics.
  • There’s another all ages comic joining Tiny Titans and Billy Batson and the magic of Shazam – Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade.
  • Gail Simone promises a fight between Batman and Catman in her Secret Six book.  Wait, I thought Morrison said he was writing the last Batman story… (and yes, I’m being a Morrison hater)
  • An upcoming issue of Ambush Bug: Year None will feature Ambush Bug, Lois Lane, and Super Turtle in a Graduate-esque scene.
  • Hal Jordan will be in The Flash: Rebirth.
  • JSA #23 will see a Black Adam and Isis arc.
  • Green Arrow/Black Canary #14 will be the last for Judd Winick.

Whew, that’s a lot of stuff going on, and I haven’t even hit the other company wrap ups!


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  1. Maximus Rift on

    I don’t have a problem with Morrison-hating… as long as there’s an equal amount of Quesada-hating to go along with it. ;p

    On a side note, it’s good to have the Milestone characters back. Static in Titans is enough to make me smile.

  2. ~wyntermute~ on

    “Morrison R.I.P.” is what the storyline should have been called. If this doesn’t prove a career-killer, i don’t know what would.

  3. Hal Jordan will be in The Flash: Rebirth.

    Really, is this news? Now, Hal not being in the story or finding some way to reintegrate Ralph and Sue into the story, that would be news; as it stands, this is like having Ted Kord in BOOSTER GOLD or Ollie Queen in GL: REBIRTH level of news.

    The Flash: Rebirth begins in January.

    Ethan claims to be shooting for February:

  4. Can someone tell me the charachters that appear in the Batman header/art? Not just their code names but also their real identities? Thanks !

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