Following the most amazing launch of the Watchmen trailer last week (and that really cool shot by shot comparison of the trailer and the graphic novel), DC is reporting that it has ordered 200,000 new copies of the trade to meet demand.

“Its all very exciting,” DC’s President Paul Levitz said. “A graphic-novel went to No. 2 on Amazon because of a movie trailer. That’s not something we’ve seen before.”

At least DC is acting now in trying to meet demand. When 300 hit theaters, Dark Horse wasn’t able to get the book on shelves fast enough, frustrating many interested in the original source material.

via LA Times


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  1. I love the Graphic Novel. But people unfamiliar with the story and Alan Moore’s work and have only watched the Trailer may be disappointed to find it is NOT a Brain-Dead Action-fest with no thought to it whatsoever.

    I suspect that will be getting hundreds of thousands of returns. BECAUSE most people are stupid. WATCHMEN IS BRILLIANT and a Monument to Alan Moore’s talent. It’s just that most people inured to the Summer Blockbuster, and thus they possess commensurate I.Q.’s, are physically incapable of appreciating HIGH ART.

  2. the comic store where i go is pretty small, so they keep their stuff in the back, leaving 1 copy on the shelves at the front. after dark knight started, with the watchmen trailer, they had to bring all their watchmen trades at the front because they were tired of going to the back getting the book. i laughted when he told me that.

  3. Hot damn Cory, you’re right, but not for the reason you stated. Your high I.Q. already knows that Watchmen is a very ‘love it or hate it’ book. I hate it, but not because it isn’t an action thriller of a summer movie epic. There are many other reasons to not like Watchmen, which, apparently, you well know. Which is why you’re preemptively calling people, who have the ability to make up their own minds about it, stupid, because they don’t fall to there knees and thank the comic Gods for Alan Moore’s talent after reading it.

    It’s a story that’s not everyone’s cup of soup. It certainly wasn’t mine, and I’m sure it won’t be a lot of other people’s. And I do get it, I fully understand what was going on, and the point that Moore was making. I just didn’t enjoy it. And that, by no means, makes me stupid.

  4. I was at my local comic shop when my friend behind the counter showed the trailer to a customer, he then talked said customer into buying a copy and had to run downstairs to the bookshop to grab him one.

    I like the book. I really appreciate that it has a non standard ending to it. Until this point I didn’t give any thought that the movie was more action oriented, although there was Night Owl jumping onto the street like Batman. I’ll see the movie but I suppose it’ll be noticeably different to the book.

    The latest comic here,

    has the same concerns.

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