We already know the Avengers movie is scheduled from Marvel Entertainment in the coming years as he culmination of years of individual character titles.  The big question on every fanboys lips has been, “Will the individual movie actors appear in the team movie?”

According to Den of Geek and Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier, the answer is yes.

Leterrier is reported to have said that 2011 will definitely bring Jackson, Downey Jr., Hulk actor Ed Norton and two other ‘A-list actors’ – presumably whichever A-listers get cast as Thor and Captain America in their respective upcoming movies that Marvel is also producing – together for the Avengers movie.

Could those other two be Brad Pitt and Leonardo DeCaprio?  Those are the rumors of who would play Thor and Cap respectively.  Of course with nothing announced, this story will have to be filed in the Rumor Mill, but it makes perfect sense; if you are going to build a franchise of films that lead to the big enchillada, you better be able to bring the original actors back to the flick.  As cool as the Avengers cast sounds, I know there are those that say it will never happen because of the big names attached to the project.  I would respond by saying watch Ocean’s 11.

via Den of Geek


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  1. Yes, but the “A” list actors they are assembling are intellegent actors. They know that they can take a smaller paycheck on a particular movie if they are under contract for future “cash cows”. For example Brad Pitt and Ed Norton have both been known to do a movie for a smaller salary.

    Now, if Decaprio is Captain America I am going to puke. He is an aweful actor and I haven’t liked a single movie he as been the lead in.

  2. Downey has said he took the Iron Man role, because not only is Tony a dynamic character, but he saw what Toby did with Spider-Man and Bale is doing with Batman and he wanted a franchise of his own. I gotta believe he is as excited as anyone, except maybe Sam Jackson, that there is going to be an Avengers movie.

    Plus, look at Tropic Thunder, with Ben Stiller and Jack Black, it’s clear Downey doesn’t mind being the only big name. I feel the same way with Ed Norton, I mean Fight Club worked because of how well he and Pitt worked off of one another. He’s gotta be excited to have the same opportunity to play off of other big name, talented actors.

    As for who will play Thor and Steven Rogers… I would be very happy if Pitt played either of them. I think it is important for the Captain America actor to be someone fans want to be, because that is such a big part of Cap’s charm, who doesn’t want to be him? DiCaprio would fail enormously in this capacity, I feel anyway.

    As Stephen said, this all rumors for now, so it’s fun to speculate.

  3. With a few exceptions (BEN AFFLECK and half of the FF cast), I would have to say most of the super hero castings have worked out despite initial skepticism and misgivings by the overzealous fan base we belong to. Leo Dicrapio is a hell of an actor so I’m sure he could pull anybody off. But while we’re talking, Ocean’s 11, Matt Damon would make one hell of a Captain America. We know he should have been Daredevil in the first place. Have you not seen the Bourne movies???

  4. damn good point brother, matt would make a friggin awesome cap. just bulk him up a little bit and he would kill. i dont think all these actors would mind, at least i hope not for the sake of a great movie.

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