People around the world have been wetting themselves in anticipation (or so I hear, I wouldn’t know from any first hand experience – I swear) for the release of Warner Bros.’  Dark Knight movie.  Today’s the day, and with screenings beginning at 6:00 AM in some cities, Dark Knight is priming itself to be the biggest opening weekend box office of all time – it just has to beat Spider-Man 3.

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More exploitation cuteness after the jump, for those of you that care to see more photos of my son wearing a Batman mask.





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  1. Being Australian I’ve already seen it :) I thought it started a bit slow, it was sort of as if I had turned on a tv after the show had been going a few minutes. I thought Harvey Dent was a bit wooden in the court room but It finally caught me when the Joker showed his magic trick. It’s got a quality I like in films, it’s long, but not pulling it out so you wonder when its going to finish. I thought at one stage it was almost over, only for it to turn out we were hardly half way through.

  2. this is not your typical action/superhero movie. this is more of a psychological thriller than anything else. every time the joker is on screen is moment of pure greatness. this is what i expected from this new batman flick.

    loved it, will go see it again soon.

    to top it off, we had the trailer for Watchmen at the beginning, and it looks promising.

  3. Do not take children to see this movie!!! I loved it (Saw the 12:16 AM showing), but I also realize that this is an adult Batman. The Joker is Arkham Asylum twisted, with the writing in that area. If you really wish to takeyour kid to see it, I suggest that you prepare them with a psychological thriller that is a little tamer. Silence of the Lambs comes to mind as an excellent preparatory film for your children to see before this one.

  4. I caught this weekend as well … and I have mixed feelings about it. Was it a great movie? Absolutely. Is it better than Godfather Part II? I’m not so sure about that.

    I was on board until the batphone sonar thing … rather deus ex machina, don’t you think?

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