The new Iron Man animated series begins airing in 2009 on Nicktoons.  Until then, check out the trailer.

Tony Stark, heir to a billion-dollar corporation, lives a life of luxury, free to pursue his chief interests — seeing extreme thrills, solving scientific mysteries, and creating mind-boggling inventions.

But everything goes horribly wrong when a tragic accident robs Tony of his father and nearly costs him his own life. Now dependent on his own amazing technology for survival and dedicated to battling corruption, Tony must reconcile the pressure of teenage life with the duties of a super hero.

Inside his remarkable invention, Tony Stark is geared for high-speed flight, high-tech battles and high-octane adventure! He is IRON MAN!

Those attending San Diego Comic-Con can get a sneak peek at the first episode on Saturday July 26 at 10:00 AM (PDT) in room 6CDEF.

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  1. Gah. I’d thought we’d seen the last of “Teen Tony.”

    Seriously, why do they have to retrofit heroes into high-school aged teenagers? It can’t be to relate to the viewers, the target audience is 10 year olds!

  2. No Me Gusta.

    Cool animation, I dig the cel shading … but can he technically be Iron Man if he hasn’t hit puberty yet? The look of the armor is very Marvel Adventure-ish, and that’s not a problem … it’s just that Marvel hasn’t had a good animated series on their hands since X-Men

  3. is just me but the mandarin and his army looks just like Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and his army????

  4. The Animation of the Iron Man technology is pretty damn good. In fact, this animation is lightyears ahead of Spectacular Spider-Man. The Mandarin looks ridiculous, what is this, “The Jackie Chan Adventures”? WTF. This is another example of the fascistic Political Correctness getting WAY OUT OF HAND. They don’t want to show any ethnic group as the villain in ANY cartoon. The only race that can be portrayed as villains are White People. So here the Mandarin has to be completely covered up so you can’t tell what race he is. I bet he’s revealed to be German or something.

  5. OKay, I only have basic knowledge of Iron Man, but him creating the suit in HIGHSCHOOL?! That’s too much of a stretch, even for Marvel, having Spider-man come up with that web stuff at 15.

  6. Animation looks wicked awesome, but I’m with you guys… A teenager?!? It just doesn’t make sense.

    Look at Batman: The Animated Series… probably the greatest animated comic series ever… starring: AN ADULT!!!

  7. Cory,

    It’s just fiction, so stop projecting your “nothing is harder than being white and male in America” paranoia onto a kids cartoon. Even with the scourge of Political Correctness out there vexing your life specifically, you are pretty much unaffected just because somebody decided not to emphasize the Charlie Chan-era characterization of the Mandarin that you accept with no reservations.

    So what if the new products recognize the dehumanizing subtexts found in the old comic books? So what if mass entertainment progressed beyond the “good=blonde hair and blue eyes; bad=everybody else” motif? Cut the new Iron Man cartoon some slack for trying not to overtly poison a new generation of kids with the racial propaganda that afforded you the very conceit compelling you to think mass entertainment should appeal to your worldview.

    Despite being so downtrodden by the tragic burden of being a white male in America (awwwww), try seeing the big picture, how taking a little liberty with the Mandarin’s costume design and not showing his face might induce MORE people to enjoy the product without changing the source material that much. It is SO worth the angst you are feeling on behalf of your caste if just one kid is better able to enjoy the cartoon because the Mandarin, who obviously IS Asian, is not portrayed like Fu Manchu. Correcting the damning portrayals of times past is not about YOU, just as living with the results of those portrayals has not been your burden.

    If you can’t abide Marvel movies because America’s current “favored Negro”, Sam Jackson, is portraying Nick Fury, then maybe Comicdom doesn’t need you. With all the hell white men are catching trying to hail cabs, avoiding accidental police shootings, racial profiling, and just contending with racial stereotypes heaped upon your head, you might not have the time for Comic related entertainment anyway.

    And exactly what would happen if they really did recast all the ethnic villains and henchmen as whites, as you lamented? If the Mandarin took off his helmet and was revealed to be (gasp) a white man, you know what? It would be a WASH! No harm, no foul. The genius boy hero is white. The cute damsel in distress and the rich handsome father is white. The subordinate support character/best friend/sidekick is nonwhite. The arbitrary henchmen/cannon fodder for Repulsor rays are nonwhite. Do you sense a pattern Cory?

    With the exception of the Blade series, ethnic characters are only portrayed in relation to whites. As a mental health survival tactic, other people must consciously filter out certain things while watching entertainment. White people, if they so choose, can simply watch and enjoy and not notice (as I cannot avoid doing) the unsubstantial black tag along, or the Magic Negro, or the oversexed Sapphire/Buck, or the non-threatening Mammy/Eunuch. I can’t fully enjoy the story when I have to contend with characters like that. Heck by the third movie, Blade had no black love interest or even a black friend to slay vampires with. In his own movie, he became that “arbitrary black friend” you see in TV commercials and (white) sitcoms.

    So you see Cory, it’s not so bad for you after all. Cheer yourself up by catching a cab in Manhattan on the first try. Know that you are statistically guaranteed never to be shot unarmed in the back by a police officer. Restaurant staffs will always assume you are the leader of the dining party. The hero will always look like you, or an even more Nordic version. It might not be “all good” for you, but it’s still mostly good. Let the rest of who are so inclined eke out a little bit of refuge in watching the frickin’ Iron Man cartoon with just little more peace of mind than usual, having avoided some small amount of disparaging racial subtext. Is that ok, Cory? Or will conceding that little bit somehow make your real life harder?

  8. I dislike them having The Mandarin wear armor. It’s a big part of what makes The Mandarin cool in comics that he doesn’t NEED armor. He’s such a superhuman martial artist(kind of an evil Fist of The North Star) that he doesn’t need armor, he can smash Iron Man’s armor with his bare hands and take Iron Man’s attacks by chi-amping his own flesh. Turning him into just another armor guy like Titanium Man is lame.

  9. I’m getting hooked on this show and it’s only two episodes in. I think this young Tony comes across as very realistic even though he’s flying around in rocket boots. So far to me this show has the feel of early Transformers meets Peter Parker meets Gi Joe (as far as high action content). I’m kinda glad they didn’t just do what was done before though. The tradition of Marvel comics is a tradition of innovation. So the story has mutated a bit from what I’m used to.. It was the unpredictability/fun of mutation that got me into this in the first place.

  10. I may be a girl and all, but I’m just saying. I LOVE this series. It’s getting better and better with each episode. Y’all haters need to quit complaining and just let the people who like it enjoy it instead of y’all ruining all the fun for us.

  11. Who cares if iron man is now a teenager? It just shows that the writers are thinking of new and original things instead of copying other ideas.

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