Free Comics at Boom! Studios Site



Boom! Studios has updated its site, and now features free comic preview for readers.

At launch, each series will have a handful of pages already posted so that fans can immediately sample the tone, characters, and storyline of each series.  Thereafter, BOOM! will update each series with a page a day, averaging five pages of content per series, per week.

“We’re seeing a greater demand for digital comics, whether it be from casual readers or hardcore fans,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid. “Partnering with MySpace showed us that releasing our books for free online actually helped our sales. After sampling BOOM! comics electronically, readers went out to buy physical copies. The BOOM! Webcomic site will continue spearheading this game-changing initiative.”

The updated Boom! Studios website is live now.

via Boom! Studios