Using a process developed Bomb-xx by Gain Enterprises, look for Robert Kirkman’s Invincible to make its appearance on the iTunes, mobile phones, MTV 2 and other places in the coming months.  Gain Enterprises takes scans from the original comic and then animates them (nothing too fancy that can’t be done in After Effects and some word balloons) for audiences.

The first 12 episodes will cover the first four issues of the series.  Look for the first six episodes to hit the web during Comic-Con, followed by a wide release in August.

You can check the first episode out at the New York Times website.


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  1. You know at first I was thinking man this is going to suck but after watching the first one I find myself thinking that they may not be to bad. Specially for those who have a desk job like me and does nothing but listens to podcasts all day. It would give me something else to listen to as well as a little bit of visual. I guess it would really depend on how much they would charge.

  2. Lifeisaglitch on

    That looked awesome and sounded horrible. Music, sound effects and voice work made me want to grind my ears of, but hey it really didn’t look that bad.

  3. Everyone who thinks this is “blech” really needs to get in touch with reality. This kind of art has great potential to bring a wide variety of people to branch out to comics. Certain people are not used to this kind of experience because they are used to simple things in life. This is a more complex piece of work, but at the same time can entertain people of all ages and interests. Its a new way of following comic book series that makes it fun and exciting. I suggest that everyone look into this concept more before judging it. It’s the future and people need to realize that.

  4. true lauren, this is something that has potential. its unique and should be a platform for comics to use. i would love to see something like x men done in this fashion. i have to say i was impressed with invincible.
    the music was good, and the layout was one of a kind. you dont see this material everyday.

  5. Are you kidding me? The trailer might have been well put together, but the animation style is cheap and quite frankly it’s lazy! They’re doing the same thing with Black Panther. MTV/BET doesn’t want to spend the money to hire a animator, so they decide to go the easy route.

    No one will “branch out to comics” because of this. Well, you might get a handful, but really it’s also laziness on the average comic reader’s behalf. “I could totally read this great Invincible comic that I just bought… OR I could have someone read it to me, and shake the panels while they do it!” It’s not a turn on to comics, it’s yet another turn off to putting the tiniest bit of effort into things.

    Oh, and I’m sure it’s going to be about a $1.99 to purchase this one iTunes. Less than the comic you’re watching, but more than it’s worth.

  6. I never read the invincible comic until i saw the trailer online( which is kinda sad coz i concider myself a BIG comic fan)… I just ordered the first two volumes of the graphic novel simply because of this trailer. So, I must say I disagree with DanC…either that or I’m one of the “handful”.

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