It’s being reported that Warner Bros. is in close talks with DC Comics and some of its creators on the direction the movie adaptations of DC characters should take.

“While we are not going to go into the specifics of the meetings, we’re constantly looking at how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties. DC is an incredibly valuable asset to Warner Bros. and plays an important role across the entire studio by providing development and franchise opportunities for all media, including films, television, home entertainment, animation, consumer products, video games and digital platforms.”

Well, duh…

The success of Iron Man from Marvel and the less than stellar performance from Superman Returns appears to have finally gotten the company to stop mucking around with franchises that could net them billions of dollars if handled correctly. Batman and Robin anyone?

Even though DC Comics brings in a nice chunk of change to Warner Bros. bottom line, it is nothing more than a drop in the bucket. So I’m really hopeful Warner execs listen to DC instead of forcing DC to conform to some wild hair idea of a screenwriter looking to make a name for himself.

What could this mean in the long run?  For one, it could mean a delay in the release of new DC based movies as the studios retool to combat the success of the House of Ideas, and perhaps – just perhaps, Warner will finally get that Justice League movie off the ground.

Of course the success of The Dark Knight in a few weeks could have the Warner execs thinking they know what is best, thus screwing up all talks.

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  1. “…how best to exploit the DC Comics characters and properties.” See, that right there is reason enough for me worry. It shouldn’t be about exploiting DC’s universe for maximum profit. It should be about attempting to capture the spirit of the comics on the big screen, to sum up how Mike Mignola recently phrased del Toro’s take on Hellboy. If you do that, the profits will come naturally as fans and general public alike will flock to your movies.

  2. It’s even simpler. Just make good movies.

    If Warners wants to exploit the DC stable of characters, fine. Just make good movies about those characters and properties.

  3. The difference is Marvel is its own company and DC is a slave to WB. DC will never be treated with any sort of respect in that sense.

    Simple plan of action:
    2009: Action-y sequel to Superman Returns with an unbilled cameo by Bale/Wayne.
    2010: Unbilled cameo by Kate Bosworth/Lois Lane in the third Batman film.
    2011: Justice League. Introduces Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Flash, Hawkman; Superman & Batman appear in secondary roles.
    2012: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
    2013: Superman/Batman–introduces Supergirl & Darkseid.
    2013: Green Arrow: SuperMax OR The Flash. Or both.
    2015/16: Justice League Unlimited (2 back-to-back films) Film adaptation of an amalgamated “Crisis” featuring multiple versions of characters including Superman Prime.

    After the second JLU movie is released, it’s been 12 years since Batman Begins and all major roles can be recast on the cheap without major problems. How hard is it!?!?! Man, I should have been a screenwriter!

    But I don’t like cocaine…

  4. IF they give the time, care and love to GREEN LANTERN as they did to Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight, then I think they could jump start the DC movie franchises. GREEN LANTERN has to focus on it’s Sci-Fi Elements in a serious way. I would probably team up Grant Morrison and Darwyn Cooke on the script and have John Cassaday for the Storyboards and semi-Cinematography.

    Although I admit it’s already too late for Green Lantern because it’s already in production.

    I’m just indicating that this is how it should have been done right.

    Also, Obviously, Grant Morrison should write the script for the Next SUPERMAN Movie. And the Director should be the guy who did 300 and Sin City. But that will NEVER happen.

    Yeah, DC movies are pretty much doomed.

  5. Cory, what “guy who did 300 and Sin City”? Do you mean Frank Miller? They’re both based on his graphic novels, but he only really had a hand in Sin City, co-directed by him and Robert Rodiguez. 300 was directed by Zach Snyder, who’s doing the Watchmen movie.

    Speaking of Watchmen, does anyone else think that the Ozymandius costume looks disturbingly similar to the Robin costume in the picture above?

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