After seeing artist Lorin Wood’s concept for Gort, I really don’t want to see the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Seriously, with just a few slight adjustments to the original script, and a few updated special effects, the remake should be a slam dunk.  Instead, Gort looks like a fudged up Cylon Centurion.

Take the jump for the image.


Please, please, please, let this be a concept only and not the design that is actually used.

via The Bad and Ugly


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  1. Well, yes, this is a Concept Design THEY DECIDED NOT TO USE.

    However, you show very questionable taste when you deride the aesthetics this design. This design is AWESOME. What? You want the same damn design they used 50 f*ing years ago? Well, you got your wish. They’re using a CGI model that looks EXACTLY LIKE the one in the Original movie. Yippie.

  2. Lifeisaglitch on

    I like that designs, Gort has to radiate power and a dude thats painted silver wearing cyclops shades wont cut it no more…unless hes Galactus sized.

  3. Like Cory said, that’s a rejected design. Gort in the remake will look more like the orginal. (I thought I’d say it nicer)

  4. Well cory is cory, and I’m not offended. Everyone is entitled to their opinion at Major Spoilers.

    The problem with the rejected design is it looks too much like a combination of BSG Cylon, the robot from Red Planet, the aliens from the end of A.I. As described in the original novel from which both movies are based, Gort (or Gnut) is supposed to be formed from a single piece of metal, and not bits and pieces stuck together. The statue like humanoid quality of Gort actually works because it makes the robot menacing without being frightening. If the artist design above was used, and that actually stepped off a space ship, you can bet the army would open fire on it before they would attack a humanoid with a thing in his hand, saying “I come in peace”.

  5. Don’t forget the worker droids that were re-incorporated into Star Wars Special Edition. Looks like those too.

    I thought Gort moved on all fours in the remake?

    Either way, Keanu Reeves is Klaatu. Suckulous.

  6. Hi, this is Lorin, the guy responsible for the above design. Here are the facts: the trailer came out and AICN did their usual pick through with a fine tooth comb for gossip; did a google search and came up with my name (I worked as a previz artist on the film – NO INVOLVEMENT in the design of any shape or form) and a separate sketch I drew during some downtime on the film and extrapolated that this design is “official”, which it is not.

    The other note is that I had never watched the new BSG show when I drew this guy, so the similarities were purely coincidental…but very cool when I did end up watching it.

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