MSP#30: Crisis on Infinite Podcasts – Epilogue


Robert E. Howard, Mark Finn, Conan, Crisis on Infinite Earth

This time out, we got crises, we got kudos, we got barbarians, we got chainmail bikinis, and while Stephen and Matthew flashback to 1985, Rodrigo nods and thinks about larping… We got a little love for the alien penis beast (and really, who needs more love than the alien penis beast?) we got a little love for the floppy pamphlet (which actually sounds dirtier than alien penis beast) but most of all, we got a little love for Uncle Barry, Cousin Kara, and even the late, lamented Ten-Eyed Man. Strap on your rocket pack, straighten your cape, and prepare yourself for a new post-Crisis reality, where Matthew’s only one-tenth as strong, but Stephen’s cape is twice as long, and for some reason, Rodrigo has a hook for a hand, the Major Spoilers podcast is on the air!

You asked for it!  You Demanded it! AND NOW YOU’RE GETTING IT!  THE FIRST TWO HOUR PODCAST!  A giant-sized anniversary podcast special epic event thing!


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The podcast panel take sides on Diddy and Hancock

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Who would win in a fight; BSG Cylon of Infinite Crisis OMAC?

00:30:00 Interview
Major Spoilers is proud to have Mark Finn as the special guest this week. Mark stops in to talk all things Robert E. Howard, flashback to his Clockwork Storybook days, and his involvement with current Conan goings on.

2:00:00 Trade Paperback Review
Crisis on Infinite Earths
(from the wiki) Crisis on Infinite Earths is a twelve-issue American comic book limited series (identified as a “12-part maxi-series”) and crossover event, produced by DC Comics in 1985 to simplify their then-55-year-old continuity. The series was written by Marv Wolfman, and illustrated by George Pérez (pencils/layouts), with Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano, and Jerry Ordway (who shared inking/embellishing chores). The series eliminated the concept of the Multiverse in the fictional DC Universe, and depicted the deaths of such long-standing superheroes as Supergirl and the Barry Allen incarnation of the Flash.

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