Hancock Lands at Number One



Will Smith’s Hancock landed at the number one spot at the box office this past weekend, bringing in $66 million in ticket sales.  This brings the five day run, including a major holiday weekend,  to $107.3 million.

Regardless of what Diddy thought of Hancock, I rather liked it – not as a superhero movie, but as a superhero movie with a major twist that changes the direction and meaning of the whole story.  Apparently, a lot of movie goers thought the movie was good enough to see it too.  Did it have its flaws?  Yes, there were some a few questions that popped up that didn’t make sense, but then again, what comic book doesn’t suffer from many of the same failings?

We’ll see if Smith is able to keep his status as “Mr. July” after the box office score is tabulated next weekend.

via THR