One of the best comics going around at the moment is Wolverine First Class. It is a telling of how the close relationship that Kitty and Logan have evolved, from Kitty’s first days at the Xavier School. It’s funny, it’s cute, and above all, it gives you the insight in to their relationship it promises.

However the sales are not justifying its quality, with only 22,000 sold for issue 3. It’s a pity, because it is a book I want to continue reading.

wfc04cover.jpgWolverine First Class #4

I will say though that, as much as I love the interplay between our two heroes, the last story they were placed in was a little bit weak! I’m not certain if talking animals is a historical part of the X-verse that I’m not aware of, but “The Last Knights of Wundagore” storyline was not the most inspired, in my opinion; despite its ability to put Kitty and Logan in a situation hitherto untold.

I would give you a rundown of the last issue, but the inside cover does that well enough for me. It’s in tone with the whole story being told; it’s quippy, quick, and quite nice.

The story, written by Fred van Lente, shows us Kitty, now transformed in to a cat creature (funnily enough), having to defend the people of Wundagore, animals who have been evolved to human intelligence, walking on two legs, and about to be overrun by some unhappy evolved animals. There is a great scene where she is being fitted with her armor, and just as the helmet is put on, her eyes tell the whole young-Kitty story; “Oh my gosh, what the HELL is happening!”

Wolverine has, for no apparent reason, run off. He believes it is because someone took the anger and rage out of him, but that isn’t true by the end of the book, so I’m not 100% certain why he ran. It is a thoroughly un-Logan thing to do, and worked only to allow Kitty the leading role for awhile.

There’s a great battle sequence, in which Kitty makes full use of her new highly evolved cat-like skills. We knew that Kitty – the older Kitty – had some mad skills and was pretty fearless in her own right, however now we get to see a measure of that evolving early on. As I said, this book is about telling the stories of two of our favorite characters, and it is doing so.

There’s another battle in which Kitty leads a bunch of “herbivores and scavengers” to victory, the loss of a new friend, and the return of angry but, surprisingly un-lethal, Logan. By the end, everything is back to normal, including Kitty’s humanity, and the book ends on another nice moment between the pair, Logan once again acting the put-out weird uncle.

The art in this book, drawn by Salva Espin, is … all I can say of it is it is cute. There are moments when you feel like your reading a My Little Pony story and others where it is the X-Men artwork you want for a book of this caliber. The definition of the characters, the movement, and the colors – done by Guru-EFX – are really something special.

Overall, this book gets 3 out of 5 for story and 4 out of 5 for artwork. I really do suggest you go out and pick this book up, especially if you are a Kitty and/or Logan fan. But even if you just like good, clean and fun comics, this is definitely one for you!



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  1. However the sales are not justifying its quality, with only 22,000 sold for issue 3. It’s a pity, because it is a book I want to continue reading.

    Relax. The DM sales figures on W: FC aren’t that big a deal, as the book (like its cousin, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) is aimed at other markets (subscriptions, newsstands) and is further destined for a long life in collected form in junior high book clubs and the Young Adults section of your local Borders. Whatever it generates in DM floppy sales (again, like several other non-DM-centric Marvel projects of recent vintage, e.g., MARVEL ILLUSTRATED, MARVEL ADVENTURES) is pure gravy.

    And, for a project of this stripe, 22K is an AWFUL lot of gravy, at that.

  2. Old Schools probably will like it, but why not wait for the trade?

    For any “Lost Tales of…” series, it can wait until they can get it for a lower cost. It’s not like there’s a crucial story element that ties in to whatever crisis invasion now.

    Plus, now with Astonishing, people can get their Karate Kid Kitty fix with Armor/Hisako in Astonishing – so there’s competing product. You have to make new readers care about the girl that… oh wait… doesn’t buddy with Logan that much any more… shot into space… can’t figure out a way to bring her back…

    Young Kitty was cool. Old Kitty was griping at Emma and sleeping with her un-dead boyfriend. Old Kitty has a few good lines, but kind of a yawn these days anwyays. No new reader is going to know the line “Professor Xavier is a jerk!”

    So, you really need to have a feel of nostalgia to be picking this up in non-trade format.

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