WWC: Rapid-Fire Dynamite Entertainment Roundup



Surprisingly, Dynamite Entertainment had a few major announcements at Wizard World Chicago.  Take the jump for the rundown of cool new titles coming from the company.

ProjSP07RossCov.jpgDynamite Entertainment has landed the rights to publish all new Judge Dredd stories beginning in 2009 that will be written by Garth Ennis and John Wagner.  Considering the magnificent work Ennis has done with that other famous Brit comic hero Dan  Dare, this could be a great title to look forward too.

While Moonstone Books has attempted to launch a successful run on The Phantom, Dynamite has picked up that license.  Look for the first story arc to be called Born in Blood.  If people are worried about what Dynamite is doing with these golden age characters, just remember Dynamite has done quite well with The Lone Ranger, Red Sonja, The Man With No Name, and more.  Oh, and Alex Ross in involved in the project to do some covers and helping to work on the story.

Dynamite also announced it has acquired Buck Rogers and expects the first issue to arrive in 2009.

Phil Hester will be writing Masguerade, a title spinning out of Project Superpowers.
Other titles and mini-series coming from Project Superpowers include Black Terror, and Death-Defying Devil.

Project Superpowers T-Shirts are on the way in August that will feature the logo done by Alex Ross.

More news as it becomes available.  If you have news or photos from Wizard World Chicago, contact me.