Wizard World Chicago is in full swing, and everyone has some kind of news to report.  Here’s your rapid-fire rundown of the announcements and comments made by Marvel at the show so far.

Mondo Marvel Panel


Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are now exclusive with Marvel
Artist Luke Ross will be exclusive with Marvel beginning with Captain America #43
The company announced a new Storm four issue mini-series called Storm: Worlds Apart – are there relationships with Black Panther and the X-Men?
With the reappearance of Danny Ketch, there will be a Ghost Rider vs. Ghost Rider tale written by Mark Texeria.
Marvel will have a new series of What if? titles coming out this year – no word if one of those titles is What If Peter Parker Never Made the Deal with Mephisto? but one of the titles is Spider-Man Back in Black (Steven Grant, writer) – What if Mary Jane had been shot instead of Aunt May?
Also in the line up will be:

  • Secret Wars (Karl Bollers) – What if Dr. Doom kept the powers of the Beyonder?
  • World War Hulk (Greg Pak)- What if Bruce Banner had been in charge of the Hulk’s body?
  • Fallen Son (Marc Sumerak) – What if Iron Man had been killed instead of Captain America?  Answer – the movie would have been really awkward.
  • House of M (Brian Reed and Jim McCann)- What if Scarlet Witch said, “no more super powers?” featuring Iron Man as the 616’s only hero.
  • Runaways/Young Avengers – What if the Runaways became the Young Avengers? This will be a back up story that runs through all the What If? issues.

Legal hangups with the Fu Manchu character are keeping the Masters of Kung-Fu title  from being collected in a Marvel Essentials volume.

There were many barbs and jabs at Crisis #1, DC One Million,  and the Dan DiDio rumors that flew around at last week’s Heroes Con.

Ultimate News
Because the Ultimatum storyline will affect the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk story, there is no word when the next issue will arrive.
Look for Ultimate Mary Jane and Peter Parker getting “physical” in the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual. It arrives in October.
Power Princess returns to the Ultimate Universe in October
Ultimatum begins with an organic but massive disaster that will first be felt in Ultimate Spider-Man.
Ultimatum #2 features the debut of Ultimate Watcher, but I doubt we’ll see Ultimate Hulk give him the ultimate bitch-slap.
No Ultimate Ghost Rider, but Ultimate Daredevil and Ultimate Elektra will return to Ultimate Spider-Man.


That’s it so far, but more as it comes in.  If you have any news or photos from the show, please contact me.


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  1. I Swear Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada and Brian Bendis are getting on my nerves real fast. The only comics I bought last week were by Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and Matt Fraction. Usually these are the only creators getting me to buy comics. So even though they’re working on corporate owned titles they’re creative enough to bring something new. My favorite of last week though were Warren Ellis’ No Hero Issue 0 which is owned by Ellis.

    Bendis is a non-entity in terms of comics for me. I don’t even like Ultimate Spider-Man. For some reason Bendis and Quesada have tight relationship and therefore Quesada allows his boyfriend to run roughshod over the entirety of Marvel’s Intellectual Property.

  2. Did Bendis kick your puppy?

    Just asking.

    Personally, he’s hit or miss with me. I feel he’s gotten infinitely better with how he handles the Avengers characters from when he first wrote them in Disassembled. His Ultimate Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man I enjoy.

    Different strokes for different folks. I guess.

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